River Journey: The must-read book for nature lovers and environmentalists

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Discover the Inspirational Journey of Beavers and Nature in ‘River Journey’ by Dr Bevis Watts

‘River Journey’ is not just a book; it’s an intimate and inspiring journey that invites readers to explore the profound connection between nature, conservation, and personal transformation. Written by Bevis Watts, this remarkable story takes us on a captivating adventure following a mysterious report of a wild beaver on the River Avon near Bath.

‘River Journey’ is a tale of discovery, a heartfelt account of Bevis Watts’ pursuit of these elusive creatures, and a tribute to the revitalised environment that has been touched by their presence. 

Watts’ narrative is a testament to the deep sanctuary the river offers and the profound immersion in the world of beavers, which led to his own personal revival. The ultimate discovery of a wild and free beaver family on the Avon River, heralded as a breakthrough for UK wildlife, adds an extra layer of excitement to this incredible journey.

Through this evocative and compelling narrative, ‘River Journey’ provides readers with a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact that beavers can have on the natural world. 

This first-time author and passionate environmentalist uses the book to advocate for the importance of reintroducing beavers into our landscape. He highlights the beavers’ role as a keystone species, influencing everything from bird populations and insect life to creating fish nurseries in slower waters.

The book is a celebration of wildlife and a story of the author’s connection with the natural world and its positive impact on his own well-being. As Watts navigated the river at dawn or dusk, he found a deep sense of connection to nature, a feeling that he believes is accessible to all of us if we take the time to slow down and appreciate the world around us.

Bevis Watts never intended to write a book, but his experiences with the beavers inspired him to share this remarkable journey and raise funds to support conservation charities. His love for nature and the written word is evident on every page, making  ‘River Journey’ a truly special and heartfelt publication.

The book also serves as a call to action, urging readers to challenge the slow pace of change in the face of biodiversity loss and climate change. Watts shares reflections from his 25-year career in sustainability, emphasising the urgency of restoring the natural environment to build resilience against climate change and prevent further damage.

Bevis Watts said “River Journey calls upon all of us to act as stewards of the environment. It inspires us to support and invest in the restoration of the natural world”.

Bevis Watts’ close encounter with beavers and his incredible journey have not only brought these remarkable creatures to life but have also contributed to a deeper understanding of the interplay between humanity and nature. All proceeds from ‘River Journey’ go to the Avon Wildlife Trust and the Beaver Trust, reaffirming the author’s commitment to the cause.

River Journey is available to buy from Tangent Books.

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