Rizz: A New “Trending” Term Everyone Should Be Aware Of!

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If you belong to the Gen Z generation or use social media platforms excessively, you might have heard of the newly introduced slang “rizz.” Well, psychologically, rizz is not a new term but it’s slang trending on social media to refer to a charismatic personality. Someone’s got rizz when they can light up the whole room just with their ravishing look, everyone gravitates towards them, and of course, they know how to flirt with people accurately!

People who resist rizz know how to be social, make new friends, or catch someone’s interest in them. If you’re an introvert, deep inside you want to become like them… right? But, do you know what…. somewhere, we all have rizz inside us…it’s just we haven’t explored our rizz yet!

Do you want to know how to cultivate your rizz without hindering your well-being? Read this blog and let us explore the psychology behind rizz.

What Is Rizz and Why It Is Trending?

Rizz is all over the internet right now. Rizz was first used by YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat over a year ago and now, the term has taken over the internet. Before we title “Rizz” as slang of the year, I am here to describe what rizz actually means on the basis of a psychological viewpoint. To keep it simple, rizz is your ability to show your game.

If you’re someone who knows how to flirt, how to fit into the game of relationship or be the light of the room, you have got rizz. If you radiate your rizz, you rizz everyone up!

Now, before you start wondering, I must also develop rizz, let me tell you that while developing your spit game, it’s important to know the balance as well as rizz can backfire too!

Basically, rizz is a trending dating term used by Gen Z to refer to charisma or someone’s charm in the context of dating, desirability, or attractiveness. Rizz is pure and it’s all about earning genuine interest through your personality. It is commonly referred to as those men who are confident and forward while approaching a woman.

Some people speak rizz while some use “unspoken rizz.” Unspoken rizz is all about acting confident and making your space in the room with your eyes or body language. From a psychological perspective, I think it might be better to have a combination of both (spoken and unspoken rizz) to become more confident, resilient, and irresistible not only in the context of dating but in every field, you might want to excel in!

Examples of Rizz

Suppose you’re in a conversation with someone and they directly say, “You’ve killed it, you have got rizz.” It might mean that you have set your game with your charisma and everything is falling as you’ve planned.
But in the same situation, if someone says, “You’re weak with your words or spit game”, it might mean that you need to level up or pull up your rizz game.

Understanding The Importance of Rizz

Rizz not only makes you attractive but also helps you cross your comfort zone and do something charming to achieve your goals. It’s not only about getting the girl of your dreams or taking her on a date but it helps you make meaningful connections with people.

Developing rizz can be really helpful for increasing confidence in your regular life. Overall, it can benefit you in all the fields or spaces you wish to succeed in. Herein, the catch is to maintain the confidence level and balance the charisma as overconfidence always backfires.

With the help of rizz (be it spoken or not spoken), it can help build a healthy level of self-confidence. Meanwhile, it’s also important to build rizz according to your personality, for example, if you’re an introverted type of person, you might need to maintain the right balance of rizz that personifies your overall personality and helps people to learn more about you. True rizz or pure rizz only comes out perfectly when you start becoming the best version of yourself and start connecting with others authentically.

Here’s Your Guide to Explore and Enhance Your Rizz

As I mentioned above, it’s important to maintain the right balance of rizz to achieve your goals or build self-confidence. In order to find the right balance, here’s what you can do to cultivate rizz according to your needs and personality:

1. Treat everyone with kindness

It really does not matter if you’re an extroverted or introverted person, we must always treat everyone with kindness. Kindness is remembered by people and most importantly kindness does not cost you anything. Therefore, be kind and let everyone feel your charisma through your personality. Build your personality with kindness so that everyone can remember you wherever you go.

2. Let your expressions do the talking

If you’re an introverted or shy person, it’s okay, you can still develop rizz through your expressions. This type of rizz is known as unspoken rizz and it can help you build the right amount of charisma.

Let your expressions be strong so that everyone can remember your persona. Step out of your comfort zone and do something that most people cannot do (let the eyes or expression reveal your authentic self).

3.    Ask open-ended questions

One of the best ways to show your authentic self with confidence is to make yourself more visible in a conversation. Ask simple yet open-ended questions so that you can build a meaningful connection and the people you’re talking to can reflect upon your personality through your skills.

Whenever you’re ready to jump into a conversation, always begin with a common interest you share and start rooting your conversation over it. This can help you form a more pure and natural connection without hitting your social anxiety or stress.

4. Work more on your body language

Your body language and expressions speak more than you do in a conversation. Therefore, make every move count and work on your body language in a positive manner so that you can become attractive, self-confident, and trustworthy.

Additionally, during conversation smile more and look directly into the eyes to establish a sense of happiness and openness towards people. Be open throughout the conversation and keep your body language intact. It will help you reach your goals (be it professionally or personally).

5. Radiate positivity wherever you go

Indeed, kindness and positive vibes can volume your overall personality. It helps in catching the right kind of consideration from people you want to match path with. It really does not matter if you’re in a conversation with that “bright or popular person” or “shady person” at the party, with the help of positive vibes you can seek whatever you’ve wished for without making anyone look bad or toxic.

Always work on becoming the best version of yourself and radiate positivity even in dark situations to make yourself shine. Never let the toxicity of others touch you and build patience along.

6. Use humor as a motivational tool

Humor is one of the best tools to earn positive attention, build self-confidence, curb social anxiety, and turn down any kind of toxic situation or person. Humor not only makes you witty but also makes you look kind, happy, positive, and joyous.

It surrounds the best people around you. Additionally, humor can help you build engagement with other people at work, parties, family get-togethers, or anywhere you want. It brings up the quantity and quality of leadership within yourself.

7.  Enhance your authentic self

It’s a fact that life is full of ups and downs and when life gives you lemon, you must learn to turn down the situation with your authenticity. In order to explore or bring your authentic self to the table, you can learn the art of positive psychology.

Positive psychology says that when life gives you lemons and you start reflecting over with gratitude, you prepare yourself resiliently to fight all the hardships. It’s all about facing difficulties with gratitude and yet embracing your authentic self.

8. Be comfortable in your own skin and embrace your imperfections

Candidness not only helps you embrace your imperfections but also sets your vibes at an utter level wherein everyone wants to reach. When you start complimenting and affirming more, life keeps on surprising you with positivity and calmness. With time, you come out so strong that you become more transparent and authentic. In this way, nobody can stop you from reaching your goals or getting things you’ve always wished for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Rizz mean in a relationship?

Rizz is a trending slang on social media that usually describes a romantic situation based on the context of men trailing women. The term “rizz” can be a game-changer because it usually describes someone’s potential of charming or seducing personality verbally.

2. Does rizz really matter?

From a psychological perspective, yes, rizz matters because it helps you enhance your charisma and reach your goals. At the same time, it’s important to maintain the right balance of rizz because sometimes it can backfire too! In psychology, rizz helps in increasing confidence and helps you connect with your inner self.

3. Is Rizz a bad word?

No, rizz is not a bad word, it is used to describe a charismatic personality. However, if someone uses “negative rizz”, it can be pretty explanatory! It directly means that you might have a zero game in the relationship.

4. Who invented Rizz?

Rizz was first used by a YouTuber named Kai Cenat. The word was actually used to describe the persona of impressing women. Who uses rizz? Rizz is mostly used by young people on social media or other platforms.

I hope this blog helps you understand what rizz is and how to cultivate it. Comment down and share your views on the same. for more such content, connect with us through all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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