Sunny Vibes: Summer Gel Nail Designs For 2024

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Summer is all about fun, vibrant colours and that applies to your nails, too – get ahead of the trends and check out these hot summer gel nail designs for 2024!

From bright and bold colours to fun and playful nail art, these summer nail ideas will have you feeling those sunny vibes all season long.

So grab your favourite gel colour sets and get ready to show off your summer nails!

Bright and Bold Colours

Nothing says summer like a pop of colour on your nails. Try out some vibrant shades such as bright orange, electric blue, hot pink or even rainbow nails for your summer gel nail designs! Pastels are also a great choice for summer nails, so why not try baby blue or mint green?

These colours are perfect for beach days, music festivals and any summer adventure you have planned. Plus, they will look amazing with that golden tan you’ll be rocking all season.

Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are still going strong, and they are perfect for summer! Start with a light base colour and gradually add a darker shade to create a stunning gradient effect. You can go for classic shades like soft pink and white or get creative with some bright or pastel ombre designs.

Another fun twist on the ombre trend is to add glitter or shimmer to your nails for that extra sparkle in the sun. Trust us, your nails will look like a sunset on the beach!

Tropical Prints

Bring some tropical vibes to your nails with fun prints like palm trees, pineapples or flamingos. These designs are perfect for a day at the pool or sipping on a pina colada at a rooftop bar. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints for a fun and playful look.

You can also try out some floral designs or tropical fruit salad-inspired nails for a fresh and summery touch. These designs will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island, even if you’re just at home.

Summer Nail Art

Summer is the perfect time to get playful and experiment with fun summer gel nail designs and become a nail artist. Create super cute designs like watermelons, ice cream cones or sunglasses for a fun and quirky look. Use a thin brush for your nail art to create intricate summer nail designs.

Feeling extra adventurous? Add some 3D elements to your nail design, like beads, jewels or charms, for a unique and eye-catching nail art. Just be careful not to snag them on anything while you’re out having fun in the summer sun!

You can also try out some abstract designs using bright colours and shapes. The options are endless!

Nail Stickers and Decals

For those who want to up the ante on their summer gel manicure but aren’t confident in their freehand nail art skills, stickers and decals can be a lifesaver. These come in a multitude of designs, from intricate lace patterns perfect for a summer wedding to vibrant floral decals that would look stunning at a garden party.

So, if you’re attending a beach party or a barbecue, why not try some sea-themed or food-related decals for a fun and quirky look?

Short Nails, Don’t Care

Who says you need long nails to rock a stunning summer manicure? Short nails can look just as amazing, if not better! Go for a bold colour, or add some cute nail art to your short nails for a fun and chic look. Plus, shorter nails are more practical for all those summer activities you have planned.

Don’t let the length of your nails limit your creativity – have fun with your mani and embrace those short nails!

Special Occasion Nails

Got a summer wedding, festival or holiday party coming up? Make sure your nails are ready for the occasion with some special designs. Create elegant and classy looks with a white and gold French manicure, or go all out with some holographic designs.

For a more boho vibe, add some feathers or dreamcatcher designs to your nails. And, of course, don’t forget to match your mani with your outfit for the ultimate summer nails.

Nothing elevates a special occasion nail look quite like a touch of glitter. Whether you’re heading to a swanky summer soirée or a casual garden party, a sprinkle of sparkle can add a festive touch to your manicure. 

Opt for a single glitter accent nail, or if you’re feeling bold, go all out with a full set of glitter-drenched nails. For a subtler approach, you could even try a glitter French manicure.


What are the best gel colours for summer?

Some of the best gel polish colours for summer include bright colours such as neon yellow, electric blues, hot pinks and pastel shades like baby blue or mint green.

Can I do these summer nail designs at home?

Absolutely! With some gel nail polish and a steady hand, you can recreate these summer gel nail designs in the comfort of your own home. Just don’t forget to use a UV/LED lamp for curing!

Will these designs stay on during water activities?

Yes, gel nails are known for their long-lasting wear and durability. With proper application and care, they should last through all your summer adventures, including swimming and water sports.

How often should I get a gel manicure during summer?

It is recommended to get a gel manicure every 2-3 weeks for best results. However, keep in mind that your natural nails will continue to grow underneath and may require filling or infills after 2 weeks

How do I remove my summer nails?

To remove your gel nails, soak them in acetone for about 15 minutes or until the polish starts to peel off. Gently buff away any remaining gel and moisturise your nails afterwards, as acetone can dry out the skin or your natural nails. Alternatively, you can also visit a salon to have them professionally removed.

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