Cottagecore Lifestyle: Where Simplicity and Nature Walk Hand in Hand

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I’ve always loved living at a slow pace, unlike other women my age who chose to live the hustle culture. I don’t mind if I spend the rest of my life living in a small town where everyone knows everybody, especially now when our lives run on fast-forward, where social media notifications take up all our time, and where slowing down means losing opportunities. No wonder the idea of vacationing in a faraway land sounds appealing. 

That is where Cottagecore comes in. Cottagecore is a concept or as I’d like to call it – an aesthetic where simplicity is encouraged and well-being is cherished like a precious jade. 

Imagine living in a charming English cottage, surrounded by meadows and wildflowers, where the smell of freshly baked bread and perfectly-steeped tea welcomes your home. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Cottagecore might be a term, but it’s more than that too; it’s a world where you can escape the chaos and allow yourself to relax in the gentle embrace of nature. 

Now imagine living a Cottagecore aesthetic every day. For many, it’s just another trap of trending lifestyles, but for those who want to slow down in life, savor nature’s moments, and work on well-being while being cozy – Cottage Core is a way of life that calls to the soul. 

I am all for the Cottagecore lifestyle, but are you? Let me appeal to you to accept the Cottagecore lifestyle in your everyday life. Keep reading to know where this trend came from, the values it brings, and how you can let this aesthetic weave its magic into your life. 

What Exactly is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is an Internet buzzword that sounds almost nostalgic and carries a dream-like aesthetic that celebrates a simple and sustainable lifestyle while embracing the coziness of nature and country living. The Cottagecore lifestyle is about returning to your roots, embracing the slow pace, and reconnecting with nature. 

Cottagecore also encourages you to take up skills that essentially boost self-sufficiency such as gardening, baking, doing needlework, and such hobbies. 

Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at how the Cottagecore movement started and how it helps our well-being. 

The History of Cottagecore and How It Started

Cottagecore first emerged as a trend on Tumblr as early as the 2010s, but it gained popularity in more recent years. With more and more people wanting to embrace authenticity and nature in the digital age, it’s not surprising that Cottagecore has come to resonate so strongly with the younger generations. 

This aesthetic draws inspiration from various sources such as literature, art, and even countryside living. This concept of simple living brings the idealized fairy tale to life; all complete with nature living and a countryside meadow of wildflowers and farm life.  

The Cottagecore Lifestyle: What is it About?

At the core, Cottagecore is about living a harmonious lifestyle with nature. This concept encourages self-sufficient activities such as gardening, foraging, baking, and handicrafts, and above all, it promotes sustainability and an appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. Moreover, there is a great emphasis on quality over quantity, ultimately fostering a feeling of connection (or reconnection) with the things around us. 

The key aspects of the Cottagecore lifestyle include;

Nature Connection: Cottagecore allows you to spend more time with nature and in nature, nurturing plants and outdoor life. 
Simple Living: It’s also all about minimizing clutter, reducing waste, and allowing only the essentials into your everyday life
Homemade Everything: If you embrace the Cottagecore lifestyle, then it’s important to understand that this aesthetic encourages homemade everything – from food to decor – there’s an emphasis on making and embracing things made by hand. 
Vintage Aesthetic: Along with a countryside living lifestyle, Cottagecore encourages welcoming a vintage lifestyle as well. Antique furniture, heirlooms, and even vintage clothes are cherished. 
Long-Forgotten Skills: Cottagecore living means you get to embrace long-forgotten life skills such as knitting, crocheting, baking from scratch, and candle-making. These hobbies and activities are a big part of this lifestyle. 

Can Cottagecore Lifestyle Benefit Your Well-Being?

There have been studies that have shown that adopting a Cottagecore lifestyle can have positive effects on our overall well-being. For example; Spending time in nature, more than usual, can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental health, and even boost creativity. 

Homemade and natural products can reduce chemical exposure and embracing minimal living can reduce the anxiety that comes with consumerism and hustle culture. 

On top of it all, when you create something from your hands, learning and mastering skills long forgotten, you gain a sense of accomplishment that can boost your self-esteem, happiness, and contentment. Moreover, activities such as gardening and crafting can help increase mindfulness which can improve mental clarity. 

Cottagecore lifestyle promotes sustainability which minimizes environmental stressors and supports a healthier planet. Along with that, this countryside living encourages you to embrace coziness and with its baked goods, scented candles, and nature-inspired decor, you can get the feeling of comfort and contentment. 

If you follow a Cottagecore lifestyle, then you can meet and connect with others with the same mindset which can help increase the sense of community and social connectedness, contributing to your overall well-being. 

Embracing the Cottagecore Lifestyle into Your Everyday Life

Now that you know what embracing a Cottagecore lifestyle means, here are some tips that can help you invite a Cottagecore living into your everyday life; 

1. Start a Vegetable Garden

You can start embracing Cottagecore by planting a vegetable garden in your backyard or your balcony if you live in an apartment. A simple vegetable or flower garden can bring a touch of Cottagecore and the feel of the country living in your life. 

2. Bake Your Own Treats 

I love baking but to me, baking has more to do with mindfulness than Cottagecore. But you can embrace both with one activity. There’s nothing as relaxing as the aroma of freshly baked bread in your home, so go ahead and learn to bake from scratch to embrace Cottagecore living. 

3. Change Your Decor

We’ve talked about Hygge living in the past and I’ve talked about how the coziness of Hygge can be achieved through fluffy blankets and cozy decor. This is just the same. All you have to do is go raid a thrift store and hunt for vintage stuff – furniture, clothing, and home decor. This will bring a cottage-like look to your home. 

4. Do Some DIY Crafting 

One of the key aspects of Cottagecore living is picking hobbies such as crafting, handicrafts, knitting, and more. So, if you want to live and embrace a Cottagecore life, then pick up traditional skills and do some DIY crafting for your new aesthetic. 

5. Spend Time in Nature 

The more time you spend outdoors and in nature, the more you’ll find yourself connecting with the Cottagecore aesthetic. Go for slow walks, picnics, and hikes to connect (or rather reconnect) with nature as you embrace slow living with Cottagecore. 

6. Limit Screen Time

This is another aspect of Cottagecore you can’t miss. There’s limited screen time when you’re living in the countryside! So, limit your time on your digital devices and engage in more offline and hands-on activities that allow you to live your life away from distractions. 

7. Become More Mindful

To fully embrace Cottagecore in your everyday life, take moments out of your day to appreciate the beauty of simple living. Practice mindfulness and live your life with intention. Look for joy in little things and don’t forget to express your gratitude for what you have, every day. 

Wrapping Up… 

The Cottagecore lifestyle is a unique and delightful experience that can take you back to nostalgic times, wrapped in a picturesque package. It allows you to slow down, appreciate the natural beauty of Earth, and revel in the feeling of contentment and accomplishment. 

So, why not give this Internet trend a try and let this simple living Cottagecore aesthetic bring simplicity, sustainability, and connection to you and the world around you? 

Did you find this article helpful? Let me know what you think about the Cottagecore lifestyle and its idea of simplicity and nature living in the comments below. 

Take Care!

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