Understanding The Dangers Of False Humility! How To Spot It?

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Can you name someone who says, “I’m not a humble person”? I’m sure you are finding it difficult to find a name. Ok let’s change the question a bit, can you name someone who you know is not humble but pretends to have humility? Are some names popping in your head now?

People who pretend to have humility or show false humility are very dangerous people. They have a lot of pride in them but only because society considers humility to be a very important trait in an individual, they choose to fake humility.

Pride comes before fall! No matter how much or for how long one shows false humility, their fall is certain. Hiding that pride and arrogance will only make things worse in the future. Spotting someone with false humility can be a bit tricky but if you observe closely these people can’t hide their pride for long. 

Today we are going to talk all about false humility and how you can stop false humility…

Shall we begin?

What Is False Humility?

Before we get to false humility, let’s understand the meaning of humility. Humility is a personality trait that is said to have no pride or arrogance. Not everyone can be humble, it is considered a virtue and tells a lot about an individual. 

Since society ranks the concept of humility very high, people are forced to show humility even when they don’t feel like it. Perhaps it can be because they want to fit in and be likable. Now, people who fake to be humble and only pretend to not have any pride are said to have false humility.

False humility is when people with a lot of pride and arrogance pretend to be humble. These people show humility for no reason or simply act humble because it is highly valued by society. These people don’t really care about others, they just want to look good in front of everyone. 

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Dangers Of False Humility

False humility is more dangerous for oneself than for other people. Some people lack humility and they are the first ones to attack themselves. One of the meanings of humility is to know an individual’s worth. When you have low self-worth, you can show false humility to yourself. 

That can lead to other problems as well, such as;

Unnecessary pressure to be good
Do not show compassion or kindness to yourself
Beat yourself up for everything that goes wrong
Low self-esteem  
Increased stress to keep your act in place

There are a lot of other things that can be poisoned because of false humility. It can cause relationship problems because some day or the other your partner will get to know about your lack of humility and you have been faking it all along. 

It distances you from your family and friends because you have no idea when your humble side needs to take the front seat. This happens because you are not genuinely and honestly humble so you don’t know exactly when to show and when not to.

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Why Do People Indulge In False Humility?

Nobody indulges in false humility just for fun. Each one of them has a reason to do so. Otherwise, why would someone put in so much effort for nothing? Other than maintaining a good image in society, here are some other reasons why people indulge in false humility;

They do this so that they don’t offend other people with their true feelings and thoughts
It becomes a medium to indirectly display their pride
Use it as a clever strategy to use false humility to cut down competition 
Misuse false humility to manipulate people to do what they need
Use false humility to seek compliments and praises 

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How To Spot False Humility?

Sometimes we fail to recognize false humility because people have mastered the art of faking a humble exterior. Society has given humility such high regard that people feel the need to be humble even when they don’t feel like it. 

However, it is important to know if someone is indulging in false humility so that you don’t fall into their trap. Here are a few things to look for in a person with false humility;

They will always find an opportunity to tell people how humble they are
They will often tell you how important it is to help others but will never part in such an activity
You will notice that these people are different in public and have a completely different personality when alone 
You will notice that not many people respect them, in fact, the ones that know them the best respect them the least
They try to make them more important than the actual crisis at hand
They help others only for selfish motives

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about false humility helpful, interesting, and informative. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that you never fail to stop false humility.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe. 

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