Kindred Spirit In Relationships: Meaning & Signs You Found Yours!

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We often ask the universe to send us someone who completely understands us, knows how we exactly feel in different situations, someone who is just made for us. However, we always know how difficult it is to find someone who thinks like us and has similar thought processes, attitudes, opinions, etc.

Such people with whom all your value systems, thoughts, and personality match are called your kindred spirits. These kindred spirits are difficult to find but if you are lucky enough to find yours, you’ll see how quickly you find a rhythm with them.

Your kindred spirits are those people who are an identical copy of your mindset.  Today, in this blog we are going to understand the concept of kindred spirits and how to know you have found yours. Shall we begin?

What Is A Kindred Spirit?

According to  Sabrina Romanoff, a clinical psychologist from Yeshiva University kindred spirits are those people who are very compatible with you. Kindred spirits are like-minded and often share a strong bond. These people are also believed to have identical perspectives as well.

It is believed by relationship exerts that kindred spirits find a very strong connection with each other right from the beginning. It’s strange to connect with some so quickly but with kindred spirits, it is quite common.

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Sometimes, because of certain situations, kindred spirits have to part ways but whenever they reunite, it’s like they never left each other. It’s very easy to fall right back into that relationship because their frequency match is impeccable.

Are Kindred Spirits Different From Twin Flame?

Many people confused kindred spirits to be similar to twin flames or soulmates. However, they might look similar but are not the same. Let me tell you how they are different from each other. When we talk about twin flames or soulmates a romantic relationship is always involved.

Whereas when you talk about kindred spirits, a romantic relationship is not necessary. With kindred spirits, you can have a romantic relationship, a friendship, a familial relationship, or any platonic relationship.

Twin flames relationships or with soulmates are driven by love, romantic attraction, passion, etc. On the other hand, kindred spirits are driven by common interests, shared thoughts, similar ideologies, etc.

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Signs You’ve Found Your Kindred Spirit

Now, you might think it’s simple to know if you’ve found your kindred spirit but sometimes we fail to notice their presence because we are too busy chasing other people. Anyway, to know if you’ve found your kindred spirit, here are a few signs you need to keep in mind;

1. Shared interest:

Both of you will share a common interest for example the same hobbies or the same feelings about certain things in life, the same opinions, etc.

2. Instant connection:

When you meet your kindred spirit it is impossible to not connect with them instantly. Do you have someone you connected to almost immediately after the first meeting?

3. Very strong bond:

With kindred spirits, the bond is so strange that no misunderstandings or unsaid apologies can break them apart.

4. Identical energy:

Your kindred spirit is the one with whom you share identical energy, your enthusiasm about things in life is very similar, and your vibe matches completely.

5. Strong level of comfort:

With kindred spirits, there is a very strong level of comfort, they can talk about anything and everything and be their true self around each other.

6. Mutual support:

Kindred spirits are so well aligned with each other and understand each other’s perspective so well that their support for each other is very strong.

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Importance Of Having A Kindred Spirit In Your Life

Having a kindred spirit in your life is like having a person who truly understands you because they think exactly like you. Here are a few other benefits of having a kindred spirit in your life. Let’s have a look at them;

With kindred spirits, you get the opportunity to share a strong and enjoyable companionship. In fact, according to research, when you share a strong companionship, you’re most likely to be happier and content in life.
Having kindred spirits in life offers validation when it is really needed. This is because both partners share similar beliefs and ideas therefore validation is always on the table.
Kindred spirits provide strong emotional support to each other because they know exactly how the other person is feeling. Their bond is so strong that they support each other in every tough situation.
Kindred spirits inspire each other as they keep introducing each other to new ideas and experiences. The best part is that they can trust each other’s choices because their thought process is almost identical.
Your kindred spirit will always help you grow personally because they can share their learning with you and help you with your self-doubts, making it possible to grow in life.

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this blog about kindred spirits helpful, interesting and informative. Do share this blog with your friends and family and do tell us if you have found your kindred spirit or not.

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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