Mr Bug Adds National Sustainability Gold To Its Growing Trophy Cabinet

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& Suggests That Supermarkets Need To Broaden Their Healthy Dog Treat Offer

Mr Bug Dog treats have come a long way in the blink of an eye championing a three-pronged strategy of clean deck ingredients, meets sustainable farming meets circular economy, which last week resulted in the Devon-based business winning a National Sustainability award for Innovation.

For Conal such reaffirming recognition is testament to his team’s commitment to championing the rural economy, the government’s willing to support his vision with a generous Innovate grant and the pet industry’s slow yet progressive move to functional foods for dogs, mimicking the fastest growing trend in human food

‘Clearly as a young dog treat disruptor,’ suggests Conal, ‘we’re keen for the national pet shop providers to champion brands like ours that shine a light on superior nutrition and junk food avoidance for dogs.  Perhaps the biggest frustration is with the major supermarkets with their significant pet food fixtures aren’t taking the opportunity to evolve their pet food offers at the same speed they are the other human-centric aisles.  Like human food there are simply too many lazy, mass-produced foods packed with low-grade ingredients lazy fillers, salt and sugar.  With 40% of UK dogs clinically obese, it’s an easy win for progressive supermarkets to further differentiate themselves from their play-safe peers.’

Over the last year Mr Bug has won: 

Pet Quip Gold – Organic & Green award

Nourish Gold – Ingredient integrity

Global Good Gold – best SME

Blue Patch – Sustainability award

Ethical Shopping accreditation

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