Using Human Design to unlock your Superpower! 

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So first things first, what is Human Design? 

Well, Human Design is a logical system that brings together principles of I Ching, Astrology, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System and Quantum Physics. Regardless of whether you run an established business or you’re just starting out, Human Design is a powerful tool that can help leverage your visibility and align it even more with the things that light YOU up.

Human Design is the science of differentiation. 

It’s a blueprint of your aura.

It tells you how your energy interacts with the world, how you’re meant to manifest, how other people receive you and how you receive other people. 

It tells you what tendencies and attributes you have and also what energetic gifts you possess.

And it also gives you access to your visibility superpowers: Your purpose, how you can communicate more effectively, build relationships and stand out from the crowd. In YOUR authentic way. 

Not based on someone else’s opinion and strategy.

We are all students of Human Design, so my advice is to take these insights and experiment with them. Notice how things show up in a different way and how they make you feel. Above all, make it fun!

By aligning with your Human Design strategy, you allow your energy to be beautifully received, drawing your soul clients to you like a magnet. It’s the difference between swimming against the current, struggling and resisting, versus flowing downstream effortlessly and manifesting incredible opportunities.

The problem is, most of us have never been taught about our Human Design so we’ve spent a lifetime swimming against the current. I spent many years doing this in my business, it was only after I experienced extreme burnout and a heart condition, and began to study Human Design, did I realise I had been working against my own Human Design – a Projector! 

When you understand your own Human Design, you have the opportunity to make a profound shift. One that will activate transformation, enabling everything in your business to work with greater ease.

The first step on this journey is to learn more about your Human Design strategy. Each Human Design type has its own unique strategy, and understanding yours will empower you to make the most of your beautiful gifts and purpose.

Generator/Manifesting Generator:

Wait to Respond. Your aura attracts & responds. It cannot protect you when you initiate.


Wait to be invited. Your aura probes and penetrates.


Inform before initiating. Your aura impacts & repels.


Needs a 28 day moon cycle to know who or what is correct. Your aura reflects & samples.

I love to understand people’s Human Design, and of course Celebrities can be fascinating to read. 

In fact, I find Sandra Bullock’s chart fascinating. She’s a Reflector. Reflectors are like the rarest of gems, making up less than 1% of the population.

Their charts are wide open, which means they can soak up vibes from others like sponges. Think of them as the chameleons of the human world, changing colours and adapting to their environment as they experience life..

Reflectors are like our human truth detectors. They hold up a mirror that shows us where we’re not quite living up to our real selves. They see through the masks we wear. But sometimes, all that clarity can leave them feeling a bit disappointed in humanity.

As I mentioned earlier, I started my business 7 years ago. It was then I was struggling with visibility, I invested heavily in coaching programmes that taught a one size fits all approach to visibility, sales and business strategy that I didn’t feel aligned to. 

I was stuck. 

I wasn’t being visible.

I was worried about being ridiculed and rejected.

I was comparing myself to others.

I was playing small. 

I was working hard and hustling to prove myself.

Basically all of my childhood trauma was showing up in my business.

Then I discovered Human Design.

My biggest breakthrough was when I learnt that as a Human Design Projector, I’m not designed to hustle and initiate. 

I started to experiment with my Human Design Authority and Strategy and noticed the results immediately. It blew my mind! I realised that people were reacting to me in a different way. I felt recognised and appreciated.

My energy shifted. The best way to describe this was that I became a magnet to my ideal clients. Not only was I attracting wonderful women who wanted to hire me as their coach, I was also being invited to speak, collaborate and share my knowledge in a way that completely lit me up.

I fell in love with myself. I healed myself. And you can too. 

If you would like to learn more about your Human Design you can lookup your Human Design chart here

For a deeper dive, You can order A bespoke and personalised guide to your unique Human Design here

Written by: By Abigail Rebecca, The Visibility Goddess  

Abigail Rebecca, The Visibility Goddess, is a Human Design Visibility Mentor, International Speaker and Thought Leader in Aquarian Age femme leadership. With a diverse background as a corporate leader, trained Personal Stylist, EFT Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga junkie, Abigail brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work. Her story is a testament to resilience, transformation and the power of authenticity and she’s passionate about helping others achieve their full potential.

At 16, she bravely left a disempowering religious cult, sparking her transformational journey. Overcoming corporate burnout and a heart condition, Abigail’s determination makes her a sought-after mentor and motivational speaker. Based on 28 years of coaching and mentoring thousands of women leaders in Fortune 500 companies and her own coaching business, she’s developed the tried and trusted Illuminate Method. It empowers visionary women to amplify their visibility, impact and wealth and grow their conscious business empires without the hustle.

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