Sophia Brown will be lacing up her boots again for for Crystal Love Radio

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In our vibrant community, one thing has always remained constant – the power of unity and support. Today we invite you join hands with s as we rally behind a remarkable individual, Sophia Brown, on her mission to raise £8,000, the goal is to provide much needed funding for our beloved radio station, Crystal love Radio, and support the My Walking group, led by Sophia herself.

Crystal love Radio “Strictly for the Connoisseurs”

Crystal Radio often dubbed “Strictly for the Connoisseurs” has been a cherished part of our community for the past three years. It has reunited our community with quality music, serving as a cultural cornerstone and bastion of musical excellence. Beyond the music, Crystal love Radio is committed to supporting local charities and organisations, showcasing its dedication to giving back and making a positive impact.

For the past three-year Crystal love radio has been a beacon of light bringing the voices of our community to the airwaves. It has been a hub for creativity, a platform for local talents, a source of information and entertainment for all. Over the years Sophia brown has been an integral part of this radio station gracing our shows with her presence and passion.

Crystal Love Radio – Bristol’s online radio station

The Steppin Sistas Walking Group

community in motion, Sophia Browns commitment extends beyond the airwaves, she leads the Steppin Sistas walking group a vibrant community initiative that promotes health, wellness and unity. The group embodies the spirit of togetherness, as they stride together towards a healthier future, one step at a time.

Why your support matters.

Now, as we come together to support Sophia Brown and her causes, your contribution takes centre stage. The funds raised will go towards the continued operation of Crystal Love Radio enduring that it remains a vibrant voice our community and continues its mission of supporting local charities and organisations. 

Additionally, your support will bolster the efforts of the Steppin Sistas walking group, further promoting health and wellness in our neighbourhood.

How you can make a difference

Your participation is crucial in reaching our £8,000 goal. Every pound contributed brings us one step closer to our target, and every step counts in building a stronger more connected community.


In this time of togetherness and support, let us unite behind Sophia Brown’s mission to raise £8,000 for Crystal Love Radio and the Steppin Sistas Walking group. By donating, you become part of a community that cares, that celebrates its voices, and that values its wellbeing. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and ensure that the heart of the community continues to beat strong, driven by the sounds of Crystal love radio, strictly for the Connoisseurs”.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our local radio station, the Steppin Sistas Walking Group and the charities and organisations they support. 

Together we can achieve great things.

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