The Introvert’s Superpowers: 10 Things Introverts Are Good At!

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As an introvert, I get many funny looks from people – some are overly judgmental while others are looks of pity. It always baffles me because I never understood why an introvert has to be pitied or judged for who they are. Talking to others and observing their behaviors, I came to a quick realization that in a world where extroversion means you’re seen and heard, the voices and strengths of introverts are left subdued.

Social gatherings, networking, and even open working spaces can become an introvert’s worst nightmare at times, but in this extroverted world, don’t let the extroverts and ambiverts have all the fun! Introverts, like you and me, have their own strengths and benefits that often go underestimated, so brace yourselves as we delve into the sets of things we introverts are good at. And it’s not just me, science says it too!

“Introverts may have strong social skills and enjoy parties and business meetings, but after a while, wish they were home in their pajamas.” — Adam S. McHugh

No matter what others say to you or look at you – with judgment or with pity – don’t let them steal your thunder. Learn with me how to focus on your – an introvert’s – strengths and play them to your advantage every time you find yourself in unavoidable social situations…

10 Things Introverts are Best at Doing!

Ready to re-learn an introvert’s strengths? Read on to know the amazing, even if hidden, benefits of being an introvert;

1. You Are Good With Thinking Deep

One thing introverted people are good at is thinking deeply. They are the philosophers of the modern world and proud of it, even quietly. They are masters at introspection and deep thinking. In a study, it was concluded that introverts tend to have more gray matter in their prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain associated with deep thinking and decision-making among other functions.

2. You Are a Great (Read: Active) Listener

Despite the judgment introverts face – because of how little they speak – let it be known that introverts are great listeners. They genuinely listen to others when they speak, absorb the information they hear, and understand the nuances even if they are spoken between the lines. In a research study from the University of Massachusetts, it was found that introverts were more likely to excel in active listening than extroverts.

3. You Are Creative Beyond Imagination

If you’re a creative introvert like me, then you will agree with this hidden strength of introverts. Introverts are creative geniuses; their preference for solitude makes them better than everyone else at tapping into their inner mind and coming up with creative, innovative, and out-of-the-box ideas.

4. You Are Empathetic

Introverts, despite their seemingly cold exterior, are empathetic. They are attuned to the emotions and feelings of others and this quality makes introverts excellent friends and confidants. Another study on introverts concluded that introverts were better at accurately reading and understanding the emotions of others. This hidden superpower of introverts also clashes with another one of their strengths – observational skills.

5. You Are Good with Planning and Organizing

We are creative people and this makes us – introverts like you and me – great at planning and organizing. We thrive on details and structure. This also makes us great contenders for career roles and job responsibilities where careful planning and attention to detail are needed.

6. You Are a Creative Writer

Introverts might not be good at verbally expressing themselves, but there’s hardly anyone who can beat introverts in creative writing and expression. Historically speaking, you can find the greatest poets, novelists, and essay writers as introverts. We, after all, have a knack for creating compelling stories.

7. You Are a Problem-Solver

Introverts are also great at problem-solving. Their ability to analyze situations from different angles and various sources coupled with their patience in looking for solutions make them invaluable to challenging and problematic situations.

8. You Work on Creating Meaningful Connections

I never had many friends growing up and I have never been good at small talk. This made me not a good companion. And for a while, I despaired, because what if I never build meaningful relationships in my life? I love my solitude but I also thrive in meaningful relationships. Later, I found out that while I was bad at small talk, I was equally good at one-on-one interactions! I thrived on deeper conversations and intimate communication. So I guess this is one of the strengths of introverts.

9. You Are a Master of Concentration

Introverts are great at putting their mind to a task and doing it with full concentration. They can zero in for extended hours at a time, concentrating, making them highly productive. In a study, it was found that introverts are good at paying attention to details and this makes them come out on top in tasks that require extreme concentration.

10. You Are an Exceptional Leader

Contrary to popular belief, introverts make the best if not exceptional, leaders. Their ability to listen, plan, and empathize with others makes them compassionate leaders and effective ones too. So, the next time you doubt your ability to lead, tap into this superpower and lead on with confidence.

“In an extroverted society, the difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that an introvert is often unconsciously deemed guilty until proven innocent.” — Criss Jami

So, there you have it – introverts are not just wallflowers at a society party. They come with unique if hidden sets of skills and strengths. From problem-solving to creative thinking, introverts can do anything and excel at it too. So, my fellow introverts, instead of trying to fit into an extroverted world, embrace your strengths and lead on!

It’s not about being loud, it’s all about being who you are! I hope this blog will inspire you to let loose your inner superpowers and shine them to the world!

Let me know what you think about the hidden superpowers of introverts and which superpower is your best one in the comments below!

Be You!

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