Me, Myself & Mindfulness: The Art of Connecting with Yourself

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One of the most important relationships you’ll ever have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because it won’t matter where you go, where you live, or what you become – you’ll always have one constant companion at your side – YOU.

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.” – Robert Holden

In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it has become increasingly difficult to find time to know who we are; and to maintain that self-connection. When I meditate in the mornings, I try to find my inner zen, but it’s not the only purpose of my meditation. One way or another, I want to find out who I am on a deeper level – spiritually even.

In the last few years, I’ve come to realize that I am my constant companion – no one has seen the ups and downs and lived the most difficult times of my life other than myself. So, shouldn’t I get the benefit of the doubt above all else? Isn’t connecting – or reconnecting – with myself a priority?

Amid all the chaos, I keep looking out the window, waiting for the light to shine and save me from my inner turmoil – not knowing that I have that light, that escape within myself. Not knowing how to connect with the most important person in my life – myself.

So, today, I’ve come in peace; bringing to you some of the most mindful ways to connect with yourself; to bridge that gap that you’ve inadvertently created within yourself. Ready to embark on the journey of reconnecting with yourself? Read on!

The Art of Staying Connected With Yourself

You must have heard a thousand times over by now about how you’re the most important person to yourself and how you should be your own priority first. Well, even though these words seem airy – they carry some worth.

Self-connection, in a way, is like packing your bags, lugging a backpack, and going on a treasure hunt of sorts. You get to learn your likes and dislikes, passions and interests, and your little quirks and eccentricities that make you – YOU. It’s the treasure hunt where the treasure is hidden within.

Because life is so unpredictable and a series of greatly stressful roller coaster rides, it can become easy to lose that thread of connection within. When you learn to be in sync with yourself, you get a sort of manual to deal with these stressful roller coaster rides.

Moreover, when you establish a deeper connection with yourself – spiritually or not – you can lead better and healthier lives and relationships. You become more empathetic, patient, and understanding when dealing with others.

And let’s be honest; when we keep chasing happiness in other people, relationships, and even material things, we often overlook that true happiness resides within us. Connecting with yourself can help you chase and finally find the happiness you crave.

Why Do You Dodge Self-Connection?

Our lives have become a whirlwind of appointments, meetings, deadlines, and binge-watching so much that we’ve become accustomed to avoiding self-connection. We’re so busy doing everything else that we have forgotten to do the most important task of it all – connect with ourselves.

In a study published in April 2020, it was found that many people use various factors – internal and external – as barriers to avoid self-connection. This gave people time to think about negative thoughts more and made them spend less time reconnecting with themselves.

As humans, we also have this fear of the unknown that keeps us from truly exploring our minds. Unresolved trauma, self-doubt, and fears can feel intimidating and this can prevent you from taking that step towards reconnecting with yourself and becoming more self-aware.

Moreover, in the polite society we live in, there’s this unspoken pressure that keeps us from exploring outside the molds created by society. You might try to become what others want you to become and this can prevent you from exploring self-connection and connecting with yourself.

So, do you get it now? The reasons why you might be avoiding reconnecting with yourself? Keep reading to find out ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Try These Activities to Connect With Yourself!

To the good stuff now! I have some of the best mindful ways you can connect with yourself;

1. Be More Mindful

Starting with mindful ways to connect with yourself on a deeper level, we have mindfulness itself! You can find a quiet corner in your home, sit in a comfortable pose, and just focus on your breath or body sensations. It’s like going on a mid-afternoon date with your mind and Self. Let your thoughts flow in your mind. Pay attention to them but then let them go.

2. Journal Your Way

It’s time to grab that new notebook and christen it with your thoughts and emotions. Journaling could be one of the best activities to connect with yourself. Think of it like having a one-sided but heartfelt conversation with yourself through a diary. Write about anything you can think of – your dreams, aspirations, fears, interests, and everything in between!

3. Sit in Nature

Did you know that you have access to a therapist free of charge? Yes. Look at Mother Nature. She’s here to be your therapist and won’t cost a dime from you. To reconnect with yourself and re-establish that self-connection, sit in nature, and take a walk – barefoot! – in a garden, or just listen to the birds tweet their way into wisdom. When you truly pay attention to nature, you’ll learn to listen to all those unspoken words.

4. Stargaze Your Way to Inner Zen

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the cosmos? Have you wondered about the existence of your universe under the wide cosmos? I have and it made me realize quite some things. I have looked up at the night sky and felt like a speck in this vast cosmos. And believe me when I say that it has been a humbling experience. So try it! Find a cozy place, lay down your blanket, and stargaze. Let your mind wander until you feel that cosmic connection with yourself and the universe you’re under.

5. Dance It Out

“We have to dance it out” – When Dr. Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy) said it to her best friend, I felt that in my bones. I realized that sometimes you need to dance your confusion and feelings out until you understand yourself a little better. Plug in your headphones or crank up the speaker, put on your favorite tunes, and dance it out like no one’s watching. This is my favorite activity to connect with myself when I feel lost. There’s a thrill in dancing until you drop while releasing all the pent-up energy inside.

6. Give Back to the Community

This is another great way to reconnect with yourself when you feel lost. Giving back to the community, especially by volunteering for some cause you feel deeply about, can help you connect with yourself and remind you of your passions. When you spend time helping others and giving back, you can take a peek at your reflection of empathy and compassion.

7. Go Away for Some Time

When you begin to feel that the thread of self-connection is getting loose, a good way to tighten that thread is to go away on a soul-searching trip. Pack your bags and go on an adventure. If you don’t want to go far, then hitch a ride to the next town over, go to a park, or explore the museum in your city. Just wandering and exploring alone can bring a sense of wonder and self-discovery back into your life.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

So there you have it – the best mindful activities to connect with yourself. Take these mindful ways of self-connection and embark on a self-discovery journey. As you do, see what a beautiful and extraordinary person you have always been. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you can ever have, so don’t take it for granted. Be your own best friend!

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Embrace the little things you find about yourself, accept the quirks and eccentricities, and follow your passions and interests until you become confident in everything you become.

I wish you happy discoveries! Let me know which activities to connect with yourself held your interest the most and which ones you tried to reconnect with yourself in the comments below.

Good Luck!

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