All You Need To Know About Reality Therapy

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A unique and fruitful approach toward healing, reality therapy is a topic of controversy in the therapy world. It works on the idea that though we can’t control the situations, we can control how we react to them. 

According to reality therapy, the way we behave is a choice. People switch their behavior as per their needs and it has no relation to mental health. 

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What is Reality Therapy?

Reality therapy goes beyond traditional therapies and considers the influence of the environment on an individual’s mental state; meaning, it doesn’t rely on past experiences but focuses on what’s going on in a patient’s present life. 

William Glasser, the developer of this theory, updated it in 1996 by introducing the concept of choices. He stated that human life revolves around the choices they make. 

How does Reality Therapy Work?

Reality therapy and choice theory are interconnected. These therapies help individuals control their behavior, make responsible choices and take effective actions in the present moment. Here are a few key concepts:


Reality therapy emphasizes that our behavior is a choice influenced by our thoughts, feelings and environment. It is crucial to understand your behavior if you want to achieve personal growth. 


As stated before, reality therapy works on how to make people understand that they control themselves and are not controlled by external factors. That is why if you want to change, you will need to internally control yourself and be aware of the choices you have.


Making a person responsible is the main goal of reality therapy. It transforms an individual into a being who is cautious about his choices and their consequences. It shows people that if they’re serious about their goals they can’t make irresponsible choices. 


Actions speak more than words, right? That’s why it is crucial to take meaningful steps to improve your future rather than holding up the guilt of something you did in the past. 

Present Moment

Reality therapy is all about focusing on the present moment. It teaches individuals how changing their present life can positively impact their future. It encourages people to make positive amends instead of focusing on what has already happened. 

When is Reality Therapy Applied?

With reality therapy, therapists can address many underlying issues. In school settings, reality therapy helps students with academic problems or even teen pregnancy by encouraging the children to become responsible for their actions and practicing behavioral responses with them.

Reality therapy also plays a vital role in addiction recovery by focusing on the individual’s choices, behaviors and needs. The therapy helps them understand the negative impact of addiction on their health and relationships. These days reality therapy is even being applied alongside conventional therapies at the best rehab in Florida and is yielding remarkable results. 

The Benefits of Reality Therapy

Enhance Productivity 

People who think less about their past and focus on their present are more likely to spend their day doing something productive. Reality therapy helps in creating an optimized space to boost productivity and creativity. 

Better Relationships

Some changes in behavior due to reality therapy can improve your relations by creating a harmonious living space, which will encourage open communication and understanding between you and your loved ones. 

Improved Mental Health

This therapy can positively impact your mental health conditions like anxiety and depression by forming an environment that supports mental well-being. 


Reality Therapy is a unique and innovative way to change a person’s lifestyle by giving them responsibilities necessary to fulfill their goals. It works on the present conditions to ensure the person would have a better future. Reality therapy is a transformative approach that can positively impact your life.

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