Discovering wellness retreats in Manchester, UK

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When you picture Manchester, you may picture a bustling city with incredible nightlife and a unique culture. Wellness retreats might not even come into the picture at all! But Manchester has some hidden gems when it comes to escaping city life. 

These retreats are dedicated to relaxation and holistic wellbeing so you can escape your busy life for a little while and focus on yourself and your mental health. 

Wellness retreats in the heart of the city

Having a wellness retreat in the heart of a city is so convenient for urban dwellers. The typical wellness retreat image is of a large country house in the middle of nowhere, meaning you will have to travel further than you may want to. But city retreats are breaking that trend. 

The general ethos around city wellness centres is convenience. A lot of spas offer a wide range of packages, individual treatments and extra fitness classes. This would benefit your whole body, both physically and mentally. 

Wellness retreats benefit your mental health in more ways than one. By allowing yourself space to focus on your well-being, you can form habits that you will carry with you into your normal life. A change from your normal routine is also beneficial as you can leave any stressors at the door and give your mind a break from stressing and worrying. This will mean you can relax and give your problem-solving skills a rest which will ultimately give you more clarity when you do return. 

Places you should visit

The Lowry Hotel has embraced the modernised wellness trend and focuses its therapies on treatments such as cryotherapy, meditation pods and sensory deprivation. They also offer individual classes in more traditional activities such as yoga and guided meditation. 

Manchester will soon be host to a Therme Spa which is set to be built in the next couple of years. Having already had an established and successful spa in Bucharest, Therme aims to make well-being accessible to all. This will be a place for all to enjoy once it is open. 

The Monastery offers a raft of free classes and services that will help to relax and heal you from the inside out. Open Sunday through to Thursday, there is a daily silence which allows you to switch off. You do not have to stay for the full hour, but any time spent will be beneficial. The Monastery also offers free, no-judgement counselling and listening services. 

Planning your retreat 

If you are looking to book a wellness retreat, here are some tips to get you started:

Manchester is a city which is easily accessible by public transport so book your train journey in advance to save you the stress of parking on the day. 

It is worth thinking about the activities you want to do before you pack. If you are doing yoga, for example, make sure you have plenty of comfy and stretchy clothes. Remember to pack a book or something to entertain you for your downtime – you may not want to watch TV whilst you are there so you don’t ruin the peaceful atmosphere.

Book in advance
Many activities and classes will get booked up as wellness is very popular. Use the retreat’s website to scope out activities and pre-book them to avoid being disappointed. 

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