Have you heard of Travel FOBO?

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We all know about FOMO, but have you ever heard of the latest acronym “Travel FOBO”? AKA “Fear of Better Options”

TWO in FIVE (40%) holidaymakers feel overwhelmed by travel choice anxiety when booking a trip – with Gen Z (16-26: 50%) and Millennials (27-42: 52%) most feeling the heat.

In what is being described as the rise of ‘Fear of Better Options’ – ‘Travel FOBO’ – new research has revealed the average person invests 53 hours* a year into planning trips away.

The study of over 3,000 Britons conducted by holiday company First Choice reveals a striking divide, as those aged 16-26 dedicate almost three days (72 hours)** to crafting trips every year, while Baby Boomers aged 59-77 chart their courses within just 37 hours.***

Over half of Brits (51%) love taking control of their own travel arrangements and discovering the world on their own terms. But over a third (39%) of travellers get overwhelmed by the chaos of keeping track of multiple tabs open on devices, and over two in five (42%) get tired from an unending cycle of evaluating and re-evaluating alternative options.

The sea of choices and information overload has left nearly four in ten (37%) with reservation remorse, feeling they had made a mistake after booking, with indecision and apprehension kicking in after just 2 hours and 7 minutes.
First Choice is tackling the issue of Travel FOBO with a newly renovated platform that brings together options that reflect different tastes, budgets and values to help travel lovers pick the trip they really want.

First Choice customers will be able to travel by plane, or thanks to new partner Byway† via train, to a number of new destinations. They’ll also be able to choose between a range of accommodation types, from camping and hostels to 5* hotels and resorts.

Travellers can book trips to both familiar and far-flung destinations, from Croatia to Jordan; and include all kinds of adventures – from cooking classes in Crete to stand-up paddleboarding in Majorca at sunset, or rafting on the Soča River in Ljubljana.      

New hotels and destinations will be added from week to week along with partnerships, content and features that will help travel lovers make the most of the time before they go, and every second when they’re there – without Fear Of Better Options.

Bart Quinton Smith, Managing Director of First Choice, said: “Our research shows that many of us get a thrill from piecing our perfect trip together. But, in a world of endless choices, the fear of better options [FOBO] can take all the fun out of planning a holiday.

We’ve seen a change in holiday behaviours in recent years, led by travellers with a new mindset.  First Choice wants to help these travellers make better choices by bringing together all the things they could want from a holiday, with the ease and security of one booking platform and a brand name they can trust.

For those who love to travel, holidays are up there with the most important choices we make, and you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. We believe that people have a right to be picky when it comes to their holidays.

Whether it’s a relaxing week in Greece, a weekend of partying in Croatia or multi-stop adventures by train and ferry; an all inclusive resort or a great value hostel as a base to explore a new city, First Choice brings all these choices together so travel lovers can pick the trip they really want.”

Two in five (41%) said they consider holiday planning to be one of “life’s most stressful decisions”, despite being confident when it comes to DIY holidays and booking trips abroad, with nearly a quarter (23%) considering over 16 destinations before deciding.

Over half [55%] said that reviews and recommendations play an “important role” when it comes to booking a break. But more than a third (37%) feel their trust in online reviews has dwindled, preferring to consult holiday company websites and apps (34%).

In total, 42 per cent admitted to being beaten by the “Procrastination Paradox” – delaying booking until the last minute to find better deals, only to find that prices have increased.

By bringing together great holiday choices in one place, First Choice hopes to alleviate the pressure of decision making when it comes to selecting and booking each element of a trip

The company now offers close to 200 destinations in over 60 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and Central America, with a range of accommodation types and price points from guesthouses, apartments and hostels through to 5* luxury hotels and resorts.

New destinations and hotels will be picked based on what’s trending, the latest industry insider knowledge, and where budgets stretch furthest. 
Highlights include Albania, Slovenia, Galicia in Spain, the Basque region including San Sebastian and Biarritz, Cannes, Tel Aviv and Jordan. There will also be more choice in ever-popular destinations like Italy, Portugal, Greece and the Canary Islands.

To learn about everything the new First Choice has to offer, visit: www.firstchoice.co.uk.

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