Deeply Launches Gut Health Food Powered by Prebiotics 

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New gut health food brand, Deeply, has launched a range of plant-fibre prebiotics, specially formulated to ‘Feed Your Good’. Each measure provides an 100% natural, high-fibre blend of plant nutrients, vitamins, and prebiotics, designed to support immunity, and selectively feed the good bacteria living within the gut.

Despite increasing awareness around the importance of good gut health, 1 in 3 people in the UK experience digestive discomfort. Effort has been made to simplify gut health, but in doing so, it can be perceived as an impossible feat. With a mission to simplify gut health, Deeply is encouraging people to recognise that good gut health starts deep within us and is something we have to feed each and every day. When done right, gut health can have a profound effect on both our physical and mental wellbeing, with benefits ranging from improved mood, focus and concentration to a lowered risk of long-term health conditions, including heart disease, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes.

Deeply’s daily 65ml measures deliver a nourishing and powerful blend of 7.5g of the daily recommended 30g of fibre, vitamins D3 & B9, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system and twice the quantity of prebiotics delivered by current market leaders. Available in two great-tasting flavours: earthy fresh Spinach & Kiwi with Seaweed and zingy Carrot & Ginger with Turmeric,

Deeply was created for health-conscious foodies, with each measure delivering a delicious daily ritual to savour.

The inspiration for Deeply came from co-founder Clara Latham’s interest in health & wellbeing, in which gut health increasingly played an integral role. With a background in the health space following roles at Bounce and Seedlip, Clara collaborated with leaders in the natural food sector, science and nutrition experts, Mark Tanous (Bounce), Nick Morgan (Nutrition Integrated), and gut health specialist Orla Stone to create Deeply.

Co-founder of Deeply, Clara Latham commented: “Despite being fundamental to all-round mental and physical health, gut health is largely misunderstood, with most products focused on adding probiotics (live bacteria) into your diet. Your gut has trillions of bacteria already – good and not so good – so the key is feeding yourself the foods that nourish and grow the good bacteria.

In launching Deeply, we wanted to raise awareness around the power of prebiotics as both a simple and effective solution to achieving better gut health, but one that feels nourishing and really tastes great. We’re on a mission to prove just how simple and enjoyable good gut health can be!”

In addition to its unique and powerful blend, Deeply also makes a clear differentiation from other brands on the market as the world’s first gut health brand to launch in infinitely recyclable aluminium, which is available in both single, daily measures or larger format, weekly bottles. A subscription service has been developed which offers an efficient and easy way to ensure Deeply devotees don’t go a day without. For less than the price of your morning coffee, you can start feeding your good and have your favourite flavour delivered directly to your door every 28 days. The brand also offers flexibility to cancel or pause subscriptions at any time and a special price for households who want to ‘feed your good’ alongside a partner or friend.

Deeply will be available to purchase directly from the Deeply website – and through selected retailers.

Taste Test

We love gut health food that tastes delicious. We can give a big thumbs up to @deeply_foods for their Carrot, ginger and turmeric shots and their spinach, kiwi and seaweed.

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