60+ Best Positive Affirmations For Depression That Works

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A small pep talk always works and if it’s in the form of an affirmation, it can help you in boosting your courage and enhancing your abilities. Coping with depression is not easy but being vocal about some positive phrases can offer a much-needed lift. Not only this, but positive affirmations for depression and anxiety are the most useful, simple, and handy tool that can help people overcome the symptoms of depression.

Positive affirmation for someone with depression is nothing but a self-crafted statement that helps in improving your mental health and enhancing your values, qualities, and strengths. 

Positive affirmation for fighting depression really works because depression causes negative thoughts. Daily positive affirmations for depression are best for countering negative beliefs. There is a study that shows positive affirmations act as a protector in contradiction of challenging situations. 

In this blog, I have enlisted 65 best positive affirmations for fighting depression. If you wish to learn the craft of creating your own positive affirmations, do not miss the takeaway section. 

60+  Best Positive Affirmations for Depression

Below are 65 best positive affirmations for depression:

I am enough. 
I am in the right place and I am doing right. 
I can do hard things. 
I believe in myself. 
I allow myself to be mindful. 
I am grateful. 
I am worthy. 
I choose myself. 
I am resilient enough to face challenges. 
I am proud of myself. 
I am working hard to accomplish my goals and dreams. 
I will always do my best. 
My priority is my health. 
I will try to overcome my fears
I am love and I am loved by myself. 
I trust my inner instincts. 
I take the help of mistakes to improve my future. 
I accept my feelings and emotions. 
I trust myself. 
The priority is to take care of my body, spirit, and mind. 
I trust myself and my decision-making skills. 
I will provide myself with space and time for growing. 
I will always speak up for my rights. 
I am moving in the right direction. 
I allow myself to learn from my mistakes. 
I am not being judgmental and I accept myself for who I am today. 
I will achieve my goals with everything I have. 
I will always think out of the box and generate creative ideas. 
I am supported. 
I am safe. 
I am kind and I will radiate kindness to others. 
I have already come so far and I am not stopping now. 
This moment is everything and I will make the most of it. 
I will face challenges to grab the opportunities 
I value my life. 
I have defined my goals mindfully and I will work on them. 
I will never attract negative feelings about myself and others. 
I will always try to find the best in myself and others. 
My goal is to make a positive, healthy, and better life for myself and my loved ones. 
I am accepting my flaws and I will convert my flaws into strengths. 
I am working toward my growth and that’s enough. 
I believe in myself to get through this challenging phase. 
I am healthy and wealthy. 
I have planned achievable goals for my life. 
I am not taking charge of uncontrollable things. 
I am working on building resilience
I am hopeful that everything will be better soon. 
I am not limited and I am endless. 
I will always love myself unconditionally. 
My mental mess cannot stop me from achieving what I have planned. 
My life is what I make it. 
I will try to find joy in simple things. 
I am happy and I am trying to find pleasure and peace. 
There is nothing wrong with me. 
I will do it anyway. 
I am taking control of my thoughts, feelings, and mind. 
I am trying to find peace amid chaos. 
I am good and that’s all matters. 
I deserve self-love and self-care. 
My life is a gift and I am grateful for everything I have. 
Breathe, smile, and let it go. 
This will surely pass. 
I acknowledge my feelings and emotions. 
I allow myself some time to understand my feelings. 
I am working on gaining strength each day. 

Takeaway: Learning the craft of making your own affirmations! 

Do you know you can craft your own positive affirmations for depression and anxiety? To make your own affirmations, all you need to do is to target the area, behavior, and belief that you wish to improve and convert them into a positive and strong statement.

While creating positive affirmations for someone with depression, make sure you’re making an affirmation that is achievable and credible. Always try to turn negative into positive and write it in the present tense form. Now, say it or write it with a feeling! 

for example, if you’re creating a positive affirmation for postpartum depression, you can write, “I give myself permission to rest”, or “We are growing together, and let’s just embrace motherhood.” 

I hope this blog helps you with the best positive affirmations for fighting depression. Comment down your favorite pick from the list or let us know which positive affirmation for depression and anxiety you have self-crafted for overcoming your negative situations. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms. 

Thanks for reading!

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