Turmeric Shot Pioneer Unveiled as Nourish Award’s 2023 Keynote Speaker

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Food Industry’s leading award for nutritional integrity & functional prowess 

The shortlist has been unveiled and on Sept 29th the 6th National Nourish Awards will celebrate the next generation of high-flying functional food & drink brands.

As is fitting for a prestigious food & drinks award growing exponentially year-on-year, this year’s keynote speaker will be Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, known to many as an electric-paced, mazy running international footballer, but increasingly within the buoyant functional food community as the passionate, hands-on founder of The Turmeric Co.

‘Nourish is both an incredible initiative and a superb community, championing best-in-class functional food & drinks brands with added health benefits.  For any brand seeking to build brand awareness and credence, Nourish is just the ticket!’ 

Launched back in 2018 as a digitally-savvy, single shot B2B offering, The Turmeric Co. has seamlessly extended its reach within the healthier living B2C, retail and wholesale communities, with flagship listings already secured within Wholefoods, Planet Organic and David Lloyd Clubs. 

As a business that was producing 400,000 shots as far back as 2021, the imminent arrival of a Big Four supermarket will undoubtedly fuel further explosive growth for this bona-fide category disruptor already eexperiencing impressive 200% year-on-year growth.

Naturally, there is often ‘early doors’ confusion regarding whether Thomas is simply the face of this flourishing functional drinks brand, however, after only 2 mins in the presence of this affable yet knowledgeable founder, it’s all too clear that Thomas is the dynamic driving force behind the family business.  The original offering was forged from a recipe Thomas’s father initially researched and created to help overcome the crippling muscle inflammation and joints pain that had hindered his son’s football career for years.

Turmeric’s fabled healing properties have been known for centuries, however this is not a brand built on vague hearsay or Chinese Whispers.  10,000+ upbeat testimonials coupled with extensive clinical research shows that The Turmeric Co.  4-strong range contributes to a 75% reduction in inflammation blood markers in elite athletes post activity, suggests that this Cambridge based business is in the ascendancy. 

Raw Turmeric Original – natural caffeine-free boost bursting with enviable anti-oxidants

Raw Turmeric & Ginger – recovery powerhouse tackling joint pain and poor digestion

Raw Turmeric & Beetroot – tackles muscle soreness & aids blood flow

Raw Turmeric Vit C & D3 – world’s 1st turmeric vitamin blend that enhances immunity in addition to being accredited by the Royal Osteoporosis Society for supporting bone health 

Last month Nourish identified its top 4 functional food & drink trends of 2023 (in no particular order):      

 – Honey: sweet treat, antioxidant superhero with impressive anti-bacterial properties                                                             

Turmeric: unrivalled anti-inflammatory, memory boosting and anti-depressant properties                                          

Medicinal Mushrooms: revered for stress-relieving, mood-boosting and cognitive enhancing properties                                         

Low Carb/Ketogenic: for tackling obesity and type 2 diabetes head on!


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