How to Use Sound to Beat Stress and Anxiety

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Farzana Ali, the UK’s go-to Sound Therapist who has featured in Vogue and on This Morning, has a new book coming out called Sound Healing.

The book delves into the science of sound healing and how it stimulates your vagus nerve which regulates your nervous system. 

In the book, Farzana delves into the differences between pink, white and brown noise and how brown noise can help those with ADHD. She also provides sound healing practices to use at home, everything from tuning into natural woodland sounds to the benefits of humming and explores different types of therapeutic sounds from vibroacoustic massage to soundscapes. There is also a free downloadable sound recording within the book. 

Sound Healing is an accessible guide to an increasingly popular self-care trend.

Farzana Ali aka The Sound Therapist digs deep into the science of sound healing providing evidence-based lessons and exercises so you can beat stress and anxiety, manifest your goals and build the life you want.

Farzana explores a number of areas including:

Why sound healing works and how to access it at home, from humming to tuning into the nature sounds around us.

The benefits of sound healing, from better sleep and pain management to reduced anxiety.

The different types of therapeutic sound, from vibroacoustic massage to soundscapes.

Additional tools to use alongside sound healing, such as active listening, art therapy and breath work.

Cutting through the noise, Sound Healing shares practical tips and activities that can be used in everyday life to self-soothe. There is also a link to a free digital sound recording so you can immediately start your practice at home.

About the Author

Farzana Ali, also known as The Sound Therapist, is a sound practitioner. She leverages a 17- year career as a former lifestyle and wellness journalist, having worked for both glossy magazines and national newspapers. During which, she tried out and tested all types of meditation and mindfulness activities and interviewed leading experts across the wellness field.

Available for Pre-Order

Publication date: 2nd January 2024 – £12.99 ISBN 9781786787644

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