Embracing Transformation: The Symbolic Message of animal guides in Shamanic Journeys

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In the realm of shamanic practices and spiritual exploration, the concept of connecting with spirit animals holds a significant place. These animal guides are often believed to offer profound insights, guidance, and messages from the spiritual realm. 

Speaking with Sharon Brown, author of Daily Spirit Animal Guide, I was reminded of an experience a couple of years ago during a Shamanic Drumming session. Although during my session I saw an Eagle I was never really sure if this was my animal guide or one that had a message for me at that time in my life.  

Speaking to Sharon, it was clear she had an amazing gift, a gift that at the start of her journey had her questioning her own sanity. But over the years she has learned to embrace her gift and for the last few years has been working with her spirit animals to create a truly unique book, beautifully illustrated by her client and friend Jenny Parris. 

What was meant to be a book of 101 spirit animals, eventually turned into 365 as the animals kept channelling messages until she had one for every day of the year.

Calling your animal guide

Keen to see if I could channel my own Spirit Animal, I followed Sharon’s simple step by step guide. I tried at different times of day, I was not really sure what was supposed to happen and kept wondering if I would just force images of the eagle into my head because of my last experience. It took a few unsuccessful attempts but one morning on waking early I took my self into the garden. Barefoot and early morning sun shine, I stood and closed my eyes. Mentally I went through the steps but this time I just let go of all expectation to enjoy the flickering sunlight coming through the leaves of the fig tree.

What happened next was unexpected. A sense of a snake winding itself around my right arm, gliding effortlessly, my arms seems to lift, weightless and light almost floating. The message from the snake came as a whisper, but the message was clear. 

Let go, let go of all constraints, let go of limiting beliefs, let go of what you you think you know. I felt free and light but at the same time grounded and connected to the earth.

Intrigued by my experience I opened the pages of Sharons Book. What did the snake represent, I certainly never expected to be connected with a snake. So image my surprise when the snake represented transformation and the message resonated with with my current situation and the idea of letting go has been something I have recently been working on. 

Sharon’s book if a lovely introduction to the world of animal guides and their meaning. These messages are original to Sharon, it’s not a book where she has taken information from others authors and past research. Each message has been channelled specifically for her book. And as well as having your own guide, the daily guidance book is intended to be used in a similar way to a tarot deck, as it contains 365 channelled messages, offering guidance, support, answers, and a daily affirmation.

You can also use the book to call on each of the animals to help and guide you with with a challenge. Perhaps call on an elephant if you have a big obstacle to overcome or a giraffe if you need to see something from a higher perspective.

So whether you are new to the idea of Spirit Animals, or have already embarked on your own shamanic journey, this is a beautiful book for yourself but it would also make the perfect gift for animal lovers and anyone interested in their own personal development journey.

Available from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daily-Spirit-Animal-Guidance-Sharon/dp/1913590755/

Published by The Unbound Press 

After the interview Sharon shared a message from the Animal Guide for 2023, the Owl

Dear Ones,

It is time for you to allow your innate wisdom out. You are more powerful than you think, you hold deep wisdom within. You are holding this wisdom under lock and key. 

This is the year for you to allow the locks, constraints to be unlocked from within. You have so much to share and the world is waiting for you, to share your divine ancient wisdom. 

As we enter this new 18 year cycle, there is no more holding yourself back, with self thought of unworthiness, self doubt and the rest of the BS you are telling yourself. 

You are ready to see who you truly are, YOU ARE READY, allow yourself to expand from the inside out. You hold the keys within you to unlock your own wisdom. We all do. Allow, Trust and have faith in yourself.

Love Sharon and Owl 

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