5 Tips for Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

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Selecting an ideal assisted living facility requires careful consideration. The most appropriate facility will cater to your specific care needs and offer a stimulating environment that aligns with your envisioned retirement lifestyle. To ensure your family member is well taken care of, and their needs are met in a happy and secure home, it pays off in the long run to do some research before deciding on just any option. The following five tips will help you select an assisted living facility:

1.Choose an Affordable Facility 

Collaborate with a financial advisor to plan how your parents can utilize their retirement savings or liquidate assets to manage the expenses. If you intend to shoulder the costs, ensure that you and your spouse agree on the maximum amount you are willing to contribute. 

Some assisted living facilities may offer financial assistance options or accept Medicaid for those who meet certain qualifications. Be sure to ask about any additional fees that may not be included in the facility’s core services to avoid surprises and ensure you can afford the facility long-term.

2.Make High-Quality Food Services a Priority

Many seniors are often picky eaters or have restrictions concerning their dietary choices, so it is necessary to choose an assisted living facility with high-quality food services. Before choosing any assisted living facility, ensure you have sampled the quality of food provided. Additionally, check how special dietary needs are met, whether the food is delicious and appealing, and if the snacks are provided throughout the day or are limited to meal times.

3.Nursing Homes vs. Assisted Living Facilities

The comparison between nursing homes and assisted living facilities is quite significant, particularly regarding the level of medical care provided. Nursing homes cater specifically to elderly individuals who necessitate daily medical care, with certified healthcare professionals available on-site.

Assisted living facilities are primarily designed for seniors who require assistance with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing but do not have a medical condition that warrants round-the-clock nursing care. Assisted living facilities like Riverview Retirement Community may also provide specialized services beyond basic personal care assistance. 

4.Do Not Go Far From Home

Consider proximity to the senior’s home or community when looking for an assisted living facility. Senior citizens might need frequent visits from family members and friends or be taken to a hospital or health clinic. Staying close to home also helps the senior adjust quicker to the new surroundings and creates a sense of familiarity. Additionally, being able to visit frequently ensures that your loved one has someone to talk to and provide emotional support.

5.Read Reviews

Online testimonials can guide your family in selecting the most suitable assisted living facilities in your vicinity. With technology being so advanced, there are many forums where people share their experiences using different assisted living facilities. Reviews can be found on Google, Yelp, the facility website, or other online forums. Consider any complaints or negative reviews from residents or their families and weigh them against positive reviews. Compare the facilities based on how well they meet your needs and preferences. Schedule a tour and take time to observe the surroundings. 


With the right research, anyone can feel confident about which assisted living facility is best for their family. No matter what you decide, ensure you have chosen the right assisted living facility for your loved one to get good care and stay safe. 

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