Sprinkles of Joy – An Inspirational Card Deck

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Protect yourself from burnout and cultivate more joy each day using Sprinkles of Joy Card Deck. This beautiful card deck filled with simple activities and prompts for daily self-reflection.

“We all deserve a life that feels truly joyful to us & I’m passionate about helping people achieve a joyful life” – Sophie Cliff

We all want to experience more joy in our day-to-day lives, but it can be hard to know where to start. This self-care card deck is designed to help you remove the overwhelm and start delighting in every day. Created by UK-based positive psychology practitioner Sophie Cliff, Sprinkles of Joy features 50 cards spanning five categories that are scientifically proven to boost joy and happiness in your everyday life:


Research tells us that connection is the biggest predictor of joy. These prompts encourage you to feel more connected to the people in your life.


Savouring the moment is all about intentionally focusing on the positive aspects of our experiences. The cards in this category will help you to appreciate what is already good about your life.


Studies suggest that there is no joy without gratitude. These prompts are pivotal for building the habit of joy by inspiring gratitude in your everyday life.

Creativity and Learning: 

Research shows that learning and creativity are essential to positive wellbeing. These prompts contain joyful ways to infuse both into your life.

Mood Boosters: 

Sometimes we just need a quick pick-me-up, and the cards in this category are designed to deliver exactly that.

Whether you want to start your day with a joyful mindset or end your day in self-reflection, these cards are the perfect companion on your journey to living a truly joyful life. They also make a beautiful gift for a birthday, coworker, holiday, or just because. You can enjoy the cards in Sprinkles of Joy on their own, or pair them with Sophie Cliff’s book Choose Joy for deeper personal growth.

Sprinkles of Joy is the perfect card deck to l help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and what makes you happy and through the development of a personalised plan you can create a more joyful life.

Sprinkles of Joy – An Inspirational Card Deck to Help You Discover More Joy Each Day By Sophie Cliff
Published By Blue Star Press • 25th September 2023 • Card deck • RRP £16.99 • ISBN 9781958803295

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