WillPowders – the Grass-Fed Bovine Halal Collagen

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Davinia Taylor, the visionary entrepreneur, double best-selling Sunday Times Best Selling author, and biohacking pioneer, is delighted to announce the newest addition to her renowned WillPowders brand – the Grass-Fed Bovine Halal Collagen. This exciting supplement is specially designed to enhance the skin, hair, nails, and gut health of Muslim families, catering to those who follow a Halal diet.

Since its launch in 2021, WillPowders has been dedicated to promoting optimal health by offering a range of science-led, nutrient-dense supplements and clean nutrition. Davinia’s personal journey of transformation, during which she shed an impressive 3 stones through a combination of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise, has fueled her passion to empower all women on their health journeys. Now, she is thrilled to extend her supplement brand to embrace Halal diets, ensuring that her products cater to diverse dietary needs.

The inspiration for introducing the Halal Collagen came about during a chance encounter with Nargis Malik, who now serves as the project manager at WillPowders. While training for the Manchester Marathon, Davinia and Nargis discussed the suitability of WillPowders collagen for a Halal diet, considering that the original Swiss collagen was not Halal certified. This encounter led to the development of a special Grass-Fed Bovine Halal Collagen, sourced from cattle fed with quality grain to maintain its nutrient density.

Muslim consumers have often faced challenges in finding Halal-certified bovine collagen, making this new addition to the WillPowders line particularly significant. The product meets the highest certified standards, and it is meticulously packaged in a Halal compliant facility, making it suitable for the entire family.

From mood improvement and brain health to weight loss and energy-boosting, WillPowders offers simple, accessible hacks to help women feel not just better but AMAZING! Davinia’s expertise as a weight loss expert, mother of four, and ex-Hollyoaks actress has earned her a loyal following of over a million on Instagram, where she shares her discoveries and debunks myths with honesty and humor.

Davinia’s first book, “It’s Not a Diet,” revolutionizes dietary guidelines by focusing on empowerment and sustained weight loss. She advocates counting chemicals instead of calories, incorporating good fats, eliminating seed oils, avoiding low-fat foods, and embracing natural wellness practices.

The success of WillPowders has been unprecedented, changing the landscape of healthy supplements for the whole family. Davinia’s rapidly growing business is known for developing premium, clean, and effective supplements, such as collagen and MCT Keto powder, at affordable prices, making them accessible to all.

In 2023, Davinia’s dedication to health and wellbeing continues to shine through. Her new podcast, “Hack Your Health,” has already garnered a dedicated following since its launch in February. Additionally, her highly anticipated second book, “Hack Your Hormones,” is now available to empower women on their hormonal health journey.

For more information and to experience the transformative power of Grass-Fed Bovine Halal Collagen and other WillPowders products, visit www.willpowders.com. Davinia Taylor and her team are committed to inspiring and supporting healthy conscious women everywhere to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives.

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