How to Get Over Your Crush and Stop Obsessing

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How to get over a crush is an age-old question we humans have been tormented with. If you also feel that same and are feeling lonely or your heart’s been broken to pieces, trust me, you are not alone. We’ve all been there.

Indeed, when the heart breaks, it feels like someone has left you to rot, and you will now never be able to again feel lively or be able to like someone. Luckily, some ways can help you move past your crush.

Agreed moving on from a crush won’t be easy, but it is not impossible either. If you are having difficulty getting over your crush, try these 11 tips.

Tips That Will Help You From Stop Obsessing Over A Crush

1. Take Your Time

When you are heartbroken, it’s natural to feel sad and look for ways to get over it as quickly as possible, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes the feelings are so strong that you can’t ignore them, and you feel getting over the crush is not right. You think about your feelings and let’s be honest it is okay. When you’re trying to get over someone you like, take your time.

Don’t try to rush or pretend that you are okay. If you are feeling sad and disappointed, then don’t nudge the feeling. What you felt for the person who just left you was real so how can the feelings go just because they moved on?

So, take your time to get over the crush. There is a rule book that says getting over a crush should take this long.

2. Speak up and Let Go

Talk to your mother, best friend, or someone you trust about the way you feel. Speak your heart out, tell what you saw in that person, how hurt you feel, and what all you planned for that person. Get it all out in one fell swoop, and commit to letting it go.

Don’t hold onto things. By talking about things, and how you feel will help deal with emotions. When you talk to someone who cares about you, they will understand you and will support you.

3. Do not Ignore your Feelings

If you keep ignoring how you feel it will bring a lot of emotional upheaval and uncertainty. The “what ifs” and uncertainties will lead you into the abyss of personal flaws. Stop doubting yourself, there is nothing wrong with you. If you keep questioning yourself your future relationships will be affected and you may not be able to trust yourself or your partner.

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Take a moment to mourn the end of your crush, and don’t run away and deny your feelings. Do journaling and get involved in the activities that you like. Respect the choices and boundaries of others, don’t try to talk them into the relationship.

4. Do Not Get Obsessed

While it’s OK to speak up, don’t let pain be the only thing on your mind. Focusing on the feeling sad, and heartbroken over and over can lead to depression and anxiety making it harder to get over the crush. You can also get into the grief loop. Distract yourself by doing something fun. Ask your friends or family for support.

5. Don’t Stock your ex on social media

It might be too easy to lurk on your crush’s social media accounts, but it will make getting over the crush harder. Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow is the thumb rule you should adopt.

You might feel that urge of knowing what your crush is up to if he/she is also sad, but why do you want to make things difficult for yourself? Let go of your crush, if not from thoughts, then at least from the virtual world. Block them, unfollow them, unfriend them.

Get over the feeling of staying connected. Instead, connect to people who care for you. It takes a lot of strength and discipline, but when you accept the relationship is over, you will end up feeling better

6. Delete

When you want to overcome a crush, cut all ties with them and take a break from your social media. Do not try to give an explanation or justify yourself; you will delay the recovery process.

Unfollow your crush on social media, mute the notifications, and tell your friends to stop discussing your ex in front of you. If you can then block the person so that you might not feel the urge to connect. Delete all the pictures, messages and stop revisiting the places you both have been together.

7. Know Your Worth

Usually, after a breakup to make you feel better, your friends say it is his/her loss. You are better off alone, you deserve better, and whatnot. He is not the only one, you will find more options, etc. Listening to what they say is good but in this don’t stop to look at yourself.

You matter and feel empowered with this feeling. You are talented and whosoever doesn’t value you don’t deserve your time and attention to focus on yourself and your talents. Bring out the best in you by polishing your talents.

8. Do things that make you feel good

Spending time with activities you enjoy will not eliminate your romantic feelings, but it will help promote self-esteem and confidence. When you involve yourself in an activity that you enjoy, the chances of your mood and overall well-being getting elevated increase.

It’s simple to delve into thoughts that suggest that you are incomplete without love or a partner. However, it’s possible to be happy, even content, without a partner. You can find love, work on becoming the best version of yourself, and do things you enjoy to live a fulfilling life until you find someone who is appropriate for you.

9. Divert yourself

When attempting to get over a crush on a co-worker, try to distract yourself from the thoughts of being together.

It might seem that everything is making you remember your crush. It can be your friends or common interests. This feeling is difficult to handle, as you dislike your favorite music or take a break from a recreational activity as it reminds you of your crush.

To overcome such situations, experiment with a new thing. Join a new interest that you’ve desired to explore. Start a new show that you can actually enjoy. Family and friends who understand what you’re going through can also facilitate the removal of your crush’s mind by providing emotional support and suggesting new distractions.

10. Minimize contact with your crush, if possible.

If you and your crush work in the same office, or there are chances that you might bump into one another often, getting over the crush will be difficult. Therefore, to tackle such situations avoid meeting common friends, change your route, and change your circle. If you keep encountering them you will never be able to overcome the sadness you feel.

You might feel that being around might develop a romantic interest in you. But that is just a lie. Do not fool yourself. It’s time to release that…for your own sake. Keep them in the background and allow yourself to observe other aspects of life and people while attempting to move forward.

11. See a Counselor

If you’ve spoken out about your crush, blocked him or her on social media, and attempted to move past it, but still feel stuck, it’s time to see a counselor. If you’ve experienced any of the following for over a month, it’s probably time to see a mental health professional:

You are lethargic most of the day and feel down most days.
Your emotions are preventing you from enjoying things that you would typically enjoy.
Your emotions prevent you from completing your task, spending time with friends, or living peacefully.

Divulging your personal details to a stranger can be frightening. But you need to understand that whatever you communicate will be valued and respected.

It’s time to Stop Obsessing Over a Crush

If you’re trying to get over your crush, remember you are not alone. Almost everyone has been there. If your crush is ignoring you or has moved past you remember it is not the end of the world. Someone leaving you has no connection with your worthiness or your personality. It is the lack of compatibility with the person you adore.

Recognizing there is no possibility of a relationship doesn’t always mean you are not worthy of love. You might feel as if you have just faced a heartbreak, but remember getting over a crush is not difficult. These feelings will fade away just in time,

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