Why is self-grooming important for mental health? 

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Self-grooming is something that everyone should factor into their routines. Not only can it make you look more put together, but it can also make you feel more confident and positive as you conquer the day ahead. Not sure where to start? Don’t panic. A grooming routine doesn’t have to be regimented – it should slot seamlessly into your lifestyle. Here’s why it can be beneficial to your mental health and make more of an impact in your day-to-day than you might expect. 

Get the right products 

Self-grooming can encompass several areas of self-care. It can look like using a teeth whitening water flosser to help improve oral health and appearance, or even a sturdy beard trimmer to keep your facial hair intact. When it comes to something such as skincare, it can also be worthwhile doing research or seeking professional advice from a dermatologist. Then, once the formula has been worked out and the correct products have been identified, you’re all set! 

Self-grooming and mental health 

Although the premise of grooming revolves around making your outer appearance look good, it can have a surprisingly positive impact on your mental health. Even the simplicity of creating a routine can be hugely beneficial.   

During the pandemic, reports state that personal grooming standards lowered, with people neglecting the routines they once had. Simultaneously, reports of poor mental health from a lack of clear routine were also widely discussed during this period. Personal grooming is viewed by many as self-care – essentially, taking time to look after yourself and therefore your well-being.  

Create a routine 

Routines are there to help set standards. So, by practicing a particular routine, you’ll learn how to integrate your self-grooming patterns in a way that works for your lifestyle. This includes factoring in short-term and long-term grooming tasks. For instance, you might commit to shaving once a week on a particular day, flossing your mouth on an evening and booking your barber appointments in advance so that you keep everything in check.  

Looking after your body, as well as your mental health 

Nailing down a thorough and effective skincare routine that works for you is something that goes amiss in many people’s routines. And the idea of this doesn’t have to feel overwhelming either. By taking time to look after your body, you’ll be able to help reduce the likelihood of symptoms resulting from improper care, whether that’s dull, tired skin or a poorly maintained, itchy scalp from not washing your hair regularly. A good self-grooming routine is there to help you live mor comfortably, as well as to make you feel fresh. 

And remember, there’s a prominent conversation about how male beauty standards are evolving and becoming less stringent. Instead, you should roll out your self-grooming routine to benefit yourself, rather than those around you. 

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