An Ideal Holiday Read; No Matter Where, is the first book by author, Abi Shaw. 

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This is the story of Abi. Of how her life changed overnight. With two children under 6, she began a new adventure of the road less travelled. 

Published by The Unbound Press and available now, No Matter Where is the heroine’s journey you want to read this summer – it’s Bridget Jones meets Eat, Pray Love with a dash of Sex in the City. 

No Matter Where is Abi’s story of the 3 D’s. Death. Divorce and Dating. 

It is an honest account of a life unimagined, where starting over means writing a new chapter and in author Abi’s case a whole new book. She begins her adventures on the beautiful French Riviera and we follow her to the tropics of Bali. 

“I was 39 when it happened. When I got my cancer diagnosis. It was also when my husband left.” Says Abi. Being a Mum to two small amazing humans got me up in the morning, and it inspired me to find out who I really was”

A book filled with hope, release, intimacy, ecstasy and finding your home… no matter where. Author Abi, hopes to inspire and give strength to other people who have found themselves in impossible situations. 

“Until you spread your wings you have no idea how far you can fly”

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About the author

Abi Shaw is an eternal optimist. She is first and foremost a mother to her two mini-adventurers. As a trio, they have ventured from the Midlands to the Cote D’Azur, from Cornwall to Bali – building their home from love and laughter instead of bricks and mortar. Her love of people and appetite for life has remained constant through the inevitable changing tides of life. As a passionate woman, ‘to settle’ is not an infinitive she prescribes to and so welcomes the surprises this predictably invites. Although pragmatic, she ensures these new chapters always have hints of elegance and glamour. Even in the most challenging of times. 

As the wise ones say, pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. ‘To love’ is her infinitive. ‘To love’ is Abi Shaw. 

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