Imperative Lifestyle Changes For A Healthier Life

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Easy Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

While you can’t change the genes you were born with, you can make many easy changes to live a healthier lifestyle. These personal and conscious decisions to perform certain behaviours will help you decrease your risk of injury and disease. 

Whether you hope to perfect your ideal sleeping schedule, embrace a new physical activity routine or reduce your nicotine intake with Uwell pod kits, living a longer and healthier life can be a simple and achievable task. 

Perfecting Your Sleep Schedule

Many people underestimate how important it is to get the proper amount of sleep on a regular basis. It is often overlooked as people tend to focus more on diet and exercise, but the strong link between sleep and life expectancy is supported by research. 

It is important to remember that getting too little sleep is just as detrimental as getting too much sleep. The proper rest period is essential to recharge both the body and mind. It allows the body to repair cells and get rid of waste. Too much or too little can increase your risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes. 

More Water

It is impossible to overstate how vital water consumption is to our overall health. An adult human body is 60% water, and your kidneys and other bodily functions need it to operate correctly. 

Water plays many roles within the human body, from lubricating joints, delivering oxygen, regulating body temperature, flushing waste and maintaining a healthy bloody pressure, to name a few. While there is no universally agreed quantity to consume, many experts recommend eight glasses daily. 

Avoid Tobacco

Smoking accounts for nearly 480,000 deaths in the United States annually. In addition to this, more than 16 million people are living with smoking-related illnesses that significantly impact their health. Avoiding it in all forms is vital to prevent the long list of diseases and cancers strongly linked to the thousands of toxins found in tobacco

If you are struggling to quit, speak to your GP about setting short and long-term goals that will assist you in your journey, like switching to vape products and seeking therapy. 

Increased Physical Activity

Just thirty minutes of daily physical activity is a proven way of protecting your heart health. It helps to minimise the amount of bone loss as you age and your risk of developing osteoporosis. A 2017 study showed that people participating in moderate daily physical activity had a lower risk of heart disease and overall mortality. 

As you age, professionals strongly recommend incorporating additional exercises that include balance and flexibility. Dance, gardening, swimming, walking and biking are all excellent choices for getting your thirty minutes daily. 

Explore Probiotics

Understanding which supplements your body needs and doesn’t need can be confusing and overwhelming. But an increasing amount of research highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced gut, promoting better emotions and a robust immune system. 

Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy and well-balanced diet is the easiest way to provide your body with the necessary resources to leave you feeling energetic and lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and life-threatening diseases. 

The key to making this lifestyle change stick is to start small. Significant, dramatic changes all at once will overwhelm you and likely lead you back to your old habits. The well-regarded Mediterranean diet is the perfect place to start. It incorporates many of the healthiest foods and naturally limits unhealthy options. 

Spend More Time Outdoors

Many studies have shown that spending time out in nature is connected to cognitive and mental health benefits, including improved mood and more balanced emotional well-being. Just two hours a day spent outside can make a significant difference when battling feelings of isolation, anxiety and irritability, as well as aid in lowering blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. 

Limiting Alcohol

While there may be a large hype around the connection between red wine and longevity, alcohol should always be consumed in moderation or avoided altogether. While red wine has been found to offer some health benefits, there are many other ways to get the same effect. 

Moderate consumption, which is one drink daily for women and two drinks for men, may lower your risk of heart and liver disease. However, the risk of breast cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, and preventable accidents significantly increase with increased alcohol consumption. 

While the occasional drink to celebrate birthdays and special events is something to indulge in, understanding your limits and the risks of overdrinking will help you remain responsible. 


Practising self-love and self-care carry many positive health benefits, helping you build healthy habits and live a more authentic life. It gives you the confidence to be assertive, make important decisions and establish essential boundaries in your life. 

Furthermore, it helps to lower feelings of stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, avoid burnout, build resilience and help you discover and maintain your values and purpose. When you start to love and understand yourself better, you will be able to build healthier relationships with others, maintain boundaries and develop a growth mindset, a valuable asset to achieving your goals. 

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