Digital Health Firm Using Weight Loss Medication, Meal Replacement Alongside Digital Solution

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To Help Improve Metabolic Health and Combat Obesity

Leading digital health firm Habitual has recently expanded its service to offer weight loss medication to eligible patients as part of a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals with the tools needed to achieve better metabolic health. The new prescription service offers semaglutide medication (Ozempic & Rybelsus) programmes, to facilitate weight loss alongside an extensive app-based behaviour change programme and nutritional advice and products.

Habitual gives patients access to software that enables them to be supported daily, including bite-sized content, tracking, journaling, and community features. The multimodal solution now combines pharmacological, nutritional, psychological, and behavioural approaches and is tailored to the individual needs of every patient.  

Over 1 billion people in the world live with obesity, and health systems are failing these patients, with most living at a hugely increased risk of devastating complications whilst concurrently having limited, if any, access to specialist, chronic care. Habitual believes the only way to provide this care to the number of patients who need it is with a holistic, digital approach.

The firm’s comprehensive and unique approach has been developed to empower patients with the tools they need to support and change behavioural habits long-term by focusing on other measures of health and not just weight loss. 

Napala Pratini, Co-Founder of Habitual commented, “By offering weight loss medication as part of our portfolio of services we believe we can help even more patients lose weight and improve their health long term. 

We believe medication is only part of the solution which is why we also provide the right nutritional products, ongoing support through empathetic Patient Care, group accountability, and a purpose-built app to guide patients through the journey. Obesity is now recognised as a chronic disease, and we’re excited to expand our offering to support patients with the right interventions, at the right time in their life, on an ongoing basis.“

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