SRSLY joins low carb ready meal debate

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‘Affordable convenience’ is always a key consideration when consumers are asked about their capacity to stick to healthier eating regimes, because despite all the best intentions in the world one can’t ignore the unrelenting pressure of hectic lifestyles and packed diaries can often lead to poor meal choices.

This was a major consideration for SRSLY Low Carb when it once again ventured outside it           bread-themed heartland to enter the world of low-carb yet intensely-flavoured, ready meals this July

In its initial incarnation the 5 strong ‘vegan proud’ ready meal offering will consist of Chick’n Teriyaki Noodles, Chick’n Chow Mein Noodles, Vegetable Thai Red Noodles, Chick’n Pad Thai and Chick’n Mexican Rice.

Each recipe is a meticulously choreographed mix of low-carb noodles (or rice) aromatic spices, vegetables and crunchy peanuts that leaves you feeling both full and satisfied, even though each meal contains only a miserly 15g of carbs (300ish calories per portion).

At the very heart of SRSLY’s ready meal innovation sits konjac noodles, an increasingly popular plant-based flour extracted from the root of the konjac yam plant.  A cult stalwart of Asian cuisine, konjac-based noodles are quickly generating a loyalist following for those noodle aficionados seeking a credible alternative to old-school wheat-themed noodles that are high in unwelcome carbs and calories.

According to SRSLY founder, Andy Welch, ‘Our ongoing remit is consumers searching for a low carb/sugar lifestyle that marries great taste with unrivalled convenience.  In just the same way we saw the opportunity for low carb condiments and jams to prevent lazy, ill-informed decisions at either the breakfast table OR dinner time, we felt the need for fast turnaround ready meals crying out for a low carb hero that pairs fair price points with less predictable flavour formats.’  

The real cleverness of Konjac noodles is the fact that it’s made with glucomannan, that in addition to being low in carbs also absorbs water in the digestive tract, which is instrumental when it comes to the consumer feeling both full and content. 

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