The physical and mental health benefits of walking holidays

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Incorporating wellness into your holiday plans doesn’t have to include expensive spas and fancy yoga retreats. A walking holiday could be the perfect opportunity to strike the right balance between relaxation and activity.

Combining exercise with exploration can be enthralling and do wonders for your mental and physical health. Here are some of the incredible benefits of walking holidays that might just convince you to book one this year.

Explore the world on foot

Travelling on foot is such a wonderful way to see the world. By slowing down, you gain the opportunity to immerse yourself in your surroundings that little bit more. 

Whether you’re walking through vibrant towns and cities, along majestic coastal paths or through rugged mountainous terrain, you can appreciate your destination more intensely on two feet.

Walking holidays in the mountains of Austria or around the lakes of Italy promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Had enough of lounging around a pool? Get your hiking shoes on and start exploring a different way this year.

Look after your physical health

Walking is undoubtedly beneficial for your health. With days or even weeks to fill while you’re away, you can rack up the miles while enjoying your surroundings.

It improves your cardiovascular fitness, burns calories and strengthens your muscles. Getting some sun will also help to give you a vitamin D boost which can be beneficial for your bones and teeth.

Boost your mental health

Exercise and spending time in nature can also be incredibly important for your mental health.

Endorphins released during physical activity have been proven to elevate your mood and combat conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Add this to enjoying time away on holiday and you’ll be in for a restorative and reinvigorating trip away. Return to your normal routine with a pep in your step!

Meet new people

You can meet amazing people just about anywhere, but walking provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded and adventurous people just like yourself.

Famous routes such as the Camino de Santiago in Spain are walked by hundreds of thousands every year and travellers often spend large parts of the journey together.

Even if you’re off the beaten path, you never know who you might meet along the way.

Revel in the sense of achievement

Few feelings compete with the sense of achievement once you’ve completed a walk. It can inspire confidence and improve self-esteem, as well as leave fond memories to cherish forever.

A sense of accomplishment is something you can take home and call upon in life’s other endeavours when you need some determination and belief in your abilities.

Walking holidays have the potential to transform your getaway experience and provide benefits long after your trip. Where would you like to go first?

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