City Lit and the British Museum to host annual Classics Day on the 1st  of July, 2023

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City Lit and the British Museum are pleased to announce that the annual Classics Day event will take place on 1st July, 2023.

This year, the highly anticipated event will focus on ‘Luxury and Beauty in the Ancient World’, featuring a variety of talks, workshops and courses leading up to the event starting from the 26th June.  The theme of the day complements the British Museum’s current exhibition Luxury and power: Persia to Greece. 

The itinerary of the day includes guest lectures by some of the UK’s most important classicists such as Dr Jamie Fraser, Michael Scott and Caroline Vout who will be discussing the importance of appearance, opulence and prestige from different eras and parts of the classical world. City Lit Fellow Bettany Hughes OBE will also be delivering a lecture focused on Venus & Aphrodite and the search for physical and spiritual beauty.

“We are excited to host Classics Day once again and bring together our community to explore the luxury and beauty of the ancient world. We’re also thrilled to have Bettany as our keynote speaker and are confident that the event will offer valuable insights and an engaging experience for all attendees,” CEO and Principal of City Lit Mark Malcomson.

City Lit have pulled together a selection of short courses in honour of Classics Day including taster courses in Latin. Learn more here.

Other courses include Ancient Greek, Persian Luxury and Athenian Democracy, and Fashion and beauty in ancient Egypt. Prices start from £10.

For more information about the event, course offering and registration, please visit the City Lit website.

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