A sweet chilli sauce with low sugar

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With gloopy ketchup lacking the cache it once did, it’s maybe not surprising that UK taste buds have once again ventured overseas when it comes to finding the perfect dipping/dressing condiment for making anything BBQ, stir-fry or starter feel a million dollars!

Sweet chilli sauce or Nam Jim Kai as it’s better known in its mother country Thailand has been on an upward trajectory for some years now.   Lockdown led to a significant splurge in sales, no doubt fuelled by the electric orange dip’s unrivalled versatility and the deep-rooted feelgood associated with world cuisine.

The only problem is that everyday sweet chilli sauce has a ‘dirty secret’ its awash with unwelcome refined sugars, which is why SRSLY Low Carb decided that Spring 23 (BBQ & picnic) season, was the perfect to trumpet its low-calorie alternative that combines low carbs with a vibrant fruity slam dunk.

Made with an idyllic blend of chillis, ginger, paprika & garlic SRSLY’s sweet chilli sauce contains only 14 kcals (per 100ml), 1.9g carbs and 0.3g sugar (per 100ml), which compares favourably to a typical Sweet Chilli sauce which contains 230kcals per 100ml, 55g carbs and 55g sugars. 

150ml (£3.99)


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