Battle of the milks

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A study reveals 71% of Brits won’t compromise on milk

Almost half (49%) of Brits have more than two kinds of milk in the fridge at home, to avoid confrontation, according to a recent survey conducted by Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed. This comes as it is revealed how strongly Brits feel about their milk preferences, with 71% being unwilling to compromise on having their favourite milk in their fridge.

When it comes to the nation’s milk preferences, nearly three quarters (61%) admit that taste is the biggest factor they consider when deciding which milk to pick up in the dairy aisle, with 83% claiming that they can taste the difference between whole and semi-skimmed milk. Whilst half (50%) state they would opt for the milk they personally prefer, rather than the overall favourite milk of their household.

Out of all the dairy products, milk is the one that us Brits cannot live without, with 46% of Brits claiming they could not last a week without having their favourite milk in their tea, coffee, or cereal. In fact, research shows that over half of Brits would go out in the evening just to make sure they have milk in the fridge for the next morning. It really is a staple in our diets, with 81% of us enjoying a splash of it in our tea or coffee, 78% using it for our cereal, and 40% having it as a drink on its own.

Despite our strong taste preferences, 77% admit to missing out on the delicious taste of creamy whole milk, due to believing it’s too full of calories and fat. Fortunately, a new semi-skimmed milk that tastes just like whole milk* has hit the dairy aisle so households can enjoy creamier milk at home, with half the fat of whole milk, but still full of taste. Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed has recently taken to the streets to test whether Brits can really taste the difference between whole milk, and a semi skimmed that tastes like whole.

Speaking about the research and new Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed milk that taste like whole, Catriona Mantle, head of milk at Arla B.O.B, says: “We know that taste is so important for those who consume milk, which is why we’ve launched Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed, to allow permissible moments of indulgence with a creamy delicious taste. We wanted to create a product that meant shoppers don’t have to choose between their favourite milk, as you can have all the taste of whole milk, in a semi-skimmed! Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed is a game changer, there really is no other milk in the dairy aisle that can deliver the delicious taste of whole milk without the added fat content.”

Through consumer research, Arla B.O.B found that its new milk bridges that much needed gap and offers shoppers an everyday milk that doesn’t compromise on taste. In fact, based on a statistically valid comparative taste test, 80% of consumers who regularly enjoy a fresh whole and/or semi-skimmed agreed that B.O.B Semi Skimmed ‘tastes like whole milk’, granting dairy consumers more moments of permissible indulgence.  

Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed shoppers will notice the Arla C.A.R.E logo on the milk bottle – a moniker that gives shoppers the confidence that their milk is produced with the highest on-farm standards, including the scheme’s ‘Free to Graze’ claim. It provides the assurance that it has been produced by farmers that are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment through renewable energy plans and initiatives that support nature and increase biodiversity.   

The Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed milk is available in most major supermarkets. For more information on Arla B.O.B Semi Skimmed milk visit: 

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