How is medical technology evolving every day 

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Medical technology or MedTech is transforming medicine and healthcare, allowing professionals to make life-changing advances in diagnosing and treatment. The government has invested £277 million to help fund and advance life science projects in both medical diagnostics and human medicines and it has allowed medical care to be revolutionised. 

But what is MedTech and how exactly is it changing the face of healthcare? Here is how medical technology is evolving every day:

What is MedTech?

Shorthand for medical technology, MedTech is a term used to refer to high-tech modern solutions like artificial intelligence systems and robotics that are used by healthcare practitioners around the world. It includes devices ranging from thermometers, catheters, and wheelchairs to complex MRI scan machines, CT scanners, and laser machines. 

All this has been possible due to the development of the common stethoscope – a device that revolutionised medical tools and equipment for its time. 

Medical imagining 

Advanced MedTech imaging technologies allow the production of detailed images of the body, allowing medical personnel to see further than ever before. Imaging machines like X-rays use PCB design software to diagnose and treat injuries and diseases without being invasive. Primarily used in the cardiovascular field and high-tech machineries like MRIs and pacemakers. 

Recent innovations include the use of medical imaging to create customised implants and prosthetics. 

Wearable devices 

Wearable medical devices are another area where MedTech is making leaps and bounds. These are electronic devices worn by individuals to detect and track vital health information when worn. This can include anything from pacemakers and insulin pumps to smartwatches. Real-time data is generated to monitor general health or chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, and COPD. 

Around 50,000 people are fitted with a pacemaker in the UK each year and directly benefit from the innovations of wearable medical devices. Not only can they improve people’s quality of life, but they can also help with the modification of treatment strategies. 

Data analysis 

MedTech has been changing the game in terms of improving treatment plans and outcomes by supplying medical practitioners with detailed information on patient health. This allows professionals to forecast the likelihood of specific diseases and provide early intervention. 

It also means individuals can be identified early for susceptibility to complications and the likelihood of readmission. This not only contributes to lower healthcare costs but can enhance productivity and performance by defining vision and strategy.  

Electronic health records 

No longer do organisations like the NHS need to rely on poorly integrated filing systems. MedTech has allowed the development of electronic health records that allow all patient information and files to be consolidated and safely stored in the right place. This allows for more efficiency and speed to facilitate patient care. 

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