Will there be an Indian Mr. Olympia?

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Indians have been competing in strength sports for nearly 1000 years now.  It only makes sense that Indians would pick up bodybuilding quickly and become one of the leading countries in the sport.  However, bodybuilding is a rather new phenomena to India, but is quickly rising as India’s favorite sport.

The father of bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow, made sure to visit India during his World tour in 1904-1905.  After all, he could not pass up the opportunity to teach so many people his methods.  He had seen how thin many Indians were in pictures and was not sure how enthusiastic they would be to learn bodybuilding.  He soon discovered how wrong he was when hundreds of people were waiting to greet him at his first stop in Calcutta.  He was soon offered more money in India than he had been offered in the United States and Great Britain to train individuals.  Sandow discovered the appetite for bodybuilding in India was greater than any country he had been to.  He was impressed with the potential for bodybuilders in India and said, “The native Indians have a fine foundation for the building of large, physical men.”

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