Best Father’s Day Gifts To Make Your Dad Happy!

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Dads are special. They love us, provide for us, and keep a watch over us as we grow up. Even after everything dads do for us, they never expect anything in return. Father’s Day comes as a perfect occasion to show our dads how much he means to us. While dads never shy away from fulfilling our dreams – at the expense of his own – he always hesitates to accept our token of love. 

So, why not take this year as a way to focus on something to show your dad how much you think of him; his happiness and well-being? 

Your father might never say it, but with all that he goes through, he struggles with his mental health too. Giving him a thoughtful and well-chosen gift to boost his well-being can be a perfect thing to show him how much he is loved. 

This Father’s Day, let’s gift our dads the gift of wellness. Here are some best Father’s Day gift ideas that will make your dad happy, and give him some time for R&R! 

Mental Health Struggles Dads Face

Did you know that 1 in every 10 men struggle with mental health conditions? Dads, with their additional responsibilities – at work and home – are more susceptible to poor mental well-being. Just like moms go through with postpartum blues, dads can also experience baby blues, dad stress, and parental burnout. 

Being a parent is a rewarding job, but it comes with its own set of mental and emotional challenges. Studies show that 70% of fathers experience stress within the year of having a baby. With time, that stress only increases with time commitment, work responsibilities, and other hosts of concerns. 

So, while your well-meaning dad will appreciate a tie or a wallet, this year step up your game and get him a gift that will make him feel happy and healthy. 

Best Father’s Day Gifts For Mental Health

Finding the best Father’s Day gift can be hard. But, fret not. I have a list of gifts you can choose from and help your dad unwind, and feel happy. 

1. Meditation or Therapy App Subscription

If your dad likes meditation or mindfulness, then gifting him a subscription to a meditation or therapy app such as Headspace or Calm can be good. These apps offer guided meditations, deep breathing exercises, and even sleep stories that can help your father reduce stress and improve mental well-being. 

2. A Massage Therapy

On the topic of relaxation, why not buy him a massage therapy or spa coupon? This gift of relaxation can be the one to help him get some alone time and relax. Massage therapy can have physical benefits such as reducing muscle tension to mental health benefits such as reducing anxiety and boosting feelings of relaxation

3. A Personalized Journal

My dad loves his notebooks and lists, so this year, I’m thinking of buying him a personalized journal he can use. You can also get your dad a journal and encourage him to express his thoughts and feelings in there. Journaling can be therapeutic and can help anyone process uncomfortable feelings and emotions, and give mental clarity. 

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

If your dad often takes his evening stroll to enjoy some quiet time, then help him enjoy his quality time more with noise-canceling headphones. These headphones can be perfect for listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. And if everything becomes too overwhelming for him, this gift can help him block out all noise. 

5. Aromatherapy Essential Oils 

Another best Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves his self-care can be aromatherapy essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, and eucalyptus can create a soothing atmosphere, increase feelings of relaxation, and relieve stress. You can also pair these essential oils with an oil diffuser. 

6. Self-Care Books

If your dad is a book lover, then choose to gift him a book this Father’s Day. Pick a book that aligns with his interests and needs – it could be fiction or nonfiction, not necessarily self-care. Whatever you feel will make him enjoy his reading time, buy it for him. Reading can be a good way to unwind and relax from everyday life and its stressors. 

7. Outdoor Gear

My dad loves going for evening walks and hikes. If yours loves spending time outdoors, then there could not be a more perfect Father’s Day gift for him than some outdoor gear. Hiking boots, a backpack, or even camping gear can make great Father’s Day gifts. Moreover, this can encourage your dad to spend time in nature and get some nature therapy to improve his mental health. 

8. Plants or a Gardening Kit 

If your dad is retired or just enjoys gardening, then gift him plants or a gardening kit this year. Indoor plants can not only improve the aesthetics of the house but also the air quality. Plus, adding a touch of greenery to your living space can promote a sense of calmness. A gardening kit can encourage your dad to get a new hobby that promotes his well-being. 

9. A Hobby Kit 

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Dad, then think about getting him a hobby kit. Expressive arts is another therapeutic activity that can make him feel relaxed and de-stress. Get him to do something creative with music or art. Buy him a musical instrument or get him a coupon for an art or hobby class. 

10. Experience Gifts

There’s nothing better to gift your father more than an experience he’ll cherish. Experience gifting can be enjoyed by anyone, so make this Father’s Day more memorable by gifting him an experience. A guided hiking tour, a cooking class, or even a weekend getaway can be perfect! Experiences create lasting memories and can give your dad a break from his day-to-day stress. 

Dads Deserve a Break, Too…

Father’s Day is more than just a day to give dads a gift; it’s a way to show how much you love and appreciate your dad and his happiness. When you choose a gift for your dad that shows that you support his well-being, you not only gift him something special but also a gift of relaxation and joy. 

Whether you show your support for your father’s well-being through a relaxing experience, a self-care book, or a gift to make his life easier, choose the best gift that leaves a positive impact. 

This Father’s Day, make your dad smile and feel appreciated with these best Father’s Day gift ideas. Celebrate and support your father’s mental health and happiness. After all, a happy dad equals a happy family!

Happy Father’s Day. 

Take Care.

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